On Corruption

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A sad and pretty accurate view of corruption:

Folks who get hired to positions of Head Coach and up (including AD, CEO, President of something, etc.) get hired as much for their knowledge of a particular industry as much as for their ability to perform damage control.  Mike Gundy said himself that he was surprised that when he gained the Head Coaching job at Okie State that he had very little time to actually be involved in the coaching process.  He stated that most of his time revolved around “putting out little fires” around the program, and then, with 120+ kids, another would arise and he would tend to that one.

These men are not only experts at protecting a program, but also at using those tools to protect themselves.  Sometimes these tools are so blantantly flaunted that they think they won’t be caught in a trap when they say one thing and change their mind in reaction to public outcry the next day.   This is why in situations like these I tend to believe the first thing out of people’s mouths, though it is by no means a fool proof rule.

I consider it highly likely that Pernetti show the President of Rutgers the video back in December, though it is also possible that he only said that in order to legitimize his response to the issue.  I also consider it likely that with the current growing pressure, the President saw a way to save his job and that included denouncing Pernetti’s claim that he had shown the President the video.  Now, every entity with billions of dollars to its name (including a University) understands that it is better to reach private settlements under the table than to risk potentially damaging, both financially and publicly, lawsuits.  Therefore, I am of the opinion that the President knew what had been going on, allowed Pernetti to lead, but worked to cover his own ass as soon as the video came to light.  I believe the terminology of Pernetti’s firing/resignation was negotiated like Jim Tressel’s and I believe that Pernetti was promised certain benefits under the table as a negotiation tactic to prevent him from publicly souring on Rutgers and airing out any dirty laundry, to prevent him from indicting the President, and in order to take care of this matter as quickly as possible, including limiting the damage that Rutgers must control.

What lawyers say is always trash.  We have to go by their word in order to catch a conflict of statements because that may be all we have in a paper trail.  However, human intuition often lies in conflict with such statements.  Sandusky’s lawyers said what they could to get him off despite common sense and ohio’s lawyers and now Miami’s lawyers are saying whatever was/is necessary to limit damage control and cast a better image over their schools. It has nothing to do with a search for the truth.  The profession of damage control is as old as Kings and tyrants.  One seeks legitimization of their claims to power and another entity (usually spurned) seeks to undue their rule.  Statues, art , money, and the sword are some of the oldest methods to contain damage and increase legitimacy.  Lawyers are just the newest and best.

I don’t believe a thing released by Rutgers or their representatives.