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I am am single mom who is ready to start dating again. When I say dating that’s what I mean. I have no interest in remarrying (I have 2 ex husbands thats enough ). I enjoy my freedom but miss going out, conversing, sharing fun experiences or talking over the latest book I read. I have female friends but most of my male friends are married and 3 is a crowd. Having an intelligent discussion over beers or a glass of good wine is what I am looking for right now


I currently teach preschool (thought I would have a spouse to provide for me). JK I love what I do and who I work with. However I have reached th salary ceiling for my profession and need to think about a bit more to retire on. I am completing coursework to become a substance abuse counselor. I ‘d like to focus on women in shelter situations. Not a big money profession I know but I can’t resist the pull of helping people.

Another, perhaps compatible, but…

I am a happy person. Are you….
Someone who is a yes person?
Someone who wants to be on an adventure with me?
Someone who might open a door for me or give me a flower or a piece of dark chocolate?

Yet another.  It is endless really.

The six things I could never do without:

My daughter, my career, car, the ocean, and many other things,

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