Officer Smith

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The story was picked-up by the Washington Post and is getting some national play.

It is not a very good piece—it is scant for an in-depth investigative story. I mean, the charges are not severe.

There are a few things that are disturbing and citizens have a right to bring them up. Mostly it is about past indiscretions (at a previous job).

It is hard to believe that suing and/or defending against that would cost $140,000 of money that the paper did not have. It is just sort of a screw-up all around.

The comments on the above link are a good ending to the story. Personally, I have met officers who are worse. I have also lived in small (and large) towns. I don’t know. I just don’t come out of it respecting the paper and the editor much. You fought it and you won. What more do you expect?

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