Obstructing justice

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On the morning of Jan. 6, before Trump’s rally, Hutchinson said she saw Cipollone near the White House. “Mr. Cipollone said something to the effect of, ‘Please make sure we don’t go up to the Capitol, Cassidy, keep in touch with me. We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen.'”


Wow. I mean, it is finally coming out. The Person of the Day is Liz Cheney.

Theoretically, it is not that complicated. They should all, including Trump, appear before the committee and on TV but they refuse and the cover-up continues.

Ms. Hutchinson was on Daily Mail and the comments there were the exact opposite of those on the Washington Post. Thousand to one they are, excoriating her and everyone else doing the right thing.

Apparently, lots of Americans are watching the broadcasts. A majority consider Trump disgusting and the whole lot of them criminals, but still they persist. Depending on how the majority is cut, anywhere from a third to close to a half of Americans still support or a part of the insurrectionists. The only thing that fuels it is Trump’s insecurity and hatred.

It is all a matter of Trump’s ego and need for sustenance. He spews the abuses and they are so insular they repeat it, at times they believe it, and for that reason it becomes a close to majority, irrational, completely self-made, ideology.

It stands for nothing but the contrarian view.

Why are these people so angry and helpless?

Their position or positions are so contrived they cannot even articulate or defend them.

What’s the matter, Meadows, why aren’t you in front of the committee? The “institution” is a lame excuse.

The whole thing has finally, at this point, reached the point of a story with legs. Cass Hutchinson crossed the red line, this despite perverted legal advice, coercion, and likely threats. This may come out. For now the curiosity is who will speak next and how to connect the dots; it is like a true crime mystery and Reddit. I think it is something that gets attention and will gain traction. Personally, I found watching the hearings live boring, slow, and delayed; that so many people are watching them is evidence in itself.

Trump’s attacks on anyone are worthless. He holds no office–Ms. Cheney has more power–and each day his respect and therefore influence declines.

Who and when will they turn. What is going to come out next. There is no reverse direction.

Trump’s excuses don’t even make sense anymore. ‘I hardly knew her. She was very upset I didn’t invite her to Mar-a-Lago.’ That is not internally consistent. Ms. Hutchinson is 25 years old now; of course her first instinct is to try and retain a role and a job. After reflection, obviously, she knows better.

As early as Jan. 3, Hutchinson testified, White House counsel Pat Cipollone made clear he was dead set against Trump making any sort of journey to the Capitol, and he enlisted Hutchinson to help persuade Meadows to oppose it, as well: “He said to me, ‘We need to make sure that this doesn’t happen.’”

Cipollone raised the issue with Hutchinson again on the morning of Jan. 6, she said, this time in stark terms. “We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen,” she recalled him saying, enumerating crimes that could include obstruction of justice, defrauding the election and inciting a riot.



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