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I wish I knew how the subconscious works.  But I don’t think anyone does.  All we know is that it exists.

Customer satisfaction and the judicial system, does it exist?  I wonder if it is a concept that does not exist in the conscious but it is real nonetheless.  Probably it exists in a different way—there are very few last resorts after the legal system.  The people in the system know that.  Always remember it is just a different language and a different world.  They know this too.  It can be used for different purposes and in different ways.

I must read and write more.  I looked briefly at the link above and laughed.  That is not right.

It is another world and I just don’t know it.  I had never heard of Suge Knight until he made the headlines.  I had not heard about Suge Knight in about a month, until he made the front page again.

My embossed, engraved-in-stone theory is that people who play with guns…

Yes, it is a cliché that every day could be your last, but if you stand on the wrong corner waiting for a drive-by shooting the risk is higher.  This guy’s entire life is based on in-your-face promotion of that idea.  It is too simple to be right.

Montel Williams and all the others.  Avoiding the video isn’t the answer.

There are still a few loose ends here to tie up.