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If I ever go out of business as a blogger, or go into business as a blogger, that will be my bane:  finishing stories.  RE the one below, I realized I am disappointed in her because I think she can do better.  I also realized disappointment is where my involvement ends.  I sure was hoping you were farther along with the moving-on process but that sounds more like changing someone than any other type of involvement.

First a correction:  no, you and I couldn’t get close and I certainly wasn’t a third husband.

Anyway, I stopped with the last email.  I didn’t read Walt’s end or contact anyone further.  And I never, ever checked blog stats to see who is reading what may be below.

Yes, it is “you” and it is written in the second person.  It is weird to see some of the things written in third person referring to “her.”  It was only because other methods failed.