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These posts are from the Operation Clean-Up blog at    After about nine years of hosting that site I believe I am going to not renew the URL.  I will attempt to move the important pages here, including all the posts from Operation Clean-Up.

About Operation Clean-Up:

I suspect it will be a long road–people are fools who believe they can change the world overnight or that others will give up easily.  It usually doesn’t happen that way and one has to be prepared for the next move.  And sometimes, as in this case, it has a lot to do with culture change–people just don’t get it, and they may even want to do the right thing.  It also requires tremendous perseverance.  At many times I am tempted to give up–it becomes boring, repetitive, and tedious.

Still, I want to believe in this and I have to fight for what I believe in.

A good primer to what goes on at this site comes from the movie Absence of Malice, directed by Sydney Pollack.  My favorite scene in the movie where Wilford Brimley, the assistant attorney general, says the following:

“He don’t get paid to act on your instructions.  He gets paid to abide by and to enforce the law.”

I think that statement is a great way to say that the rules are there for a reason, and it is a reason that we should understand and respect.  You hope that people will be considerate and do the right thing, but if they don’t, there has to be enforcement.  Personally, given my background, work experience, and education, I am a student of human behavior.  To me, laws represent collective human behavior.  In addition to things like ethics, morals, compassion, consideration, laws are a blueprint for how we interact and how we can live together.

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