my story (a hundred days)

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It is raining or snowing for the hundredth day in a row—what else happened to me a hundred days ago?—so I’ll take the time to write it down. 

It is a civil right.  I believe there is sufficient evidence to win a court case; I think, even more strongly, that the case can be “won” (if that is possible) in the court of public opinion if it can be told explained properly.  There was a time—and that has not changed—that I expected dark blue sedans and SUVs with flashing lights to surround my home and protect me.  I have often compared it to Mississippi Burning.

It is part of the much larger, often in the news subject of public safety.

And then, this is where it really gets interesting to me.  The standard is what you think, “reason to believe” I think are the exact words.  (Only tangentially-related:  customer satisfaction is the highest standard.)

It is a fantastic story that needs to be told.