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That is very cool — taken and uploaded from my phone in a few minutes. There was a small learning curve, but this site is about warts and all. I know you can do it on Twitter, Facebook, and other places, but this is my site and I have complete control over it.

The new WordPress Twenty Nineteen theme makes things much easier. It is not so much about mobility as it is wireless, all in one, and access anywhere and anytime. It is difficult to write on a smartphone and I still really like the (old) Journalist for posts heavier on writing. While customizable, this theme is may have too much white space, which is much better for media and cellphones than it is for writing.

Now at the beginning of June, the pic is of aspen getting leaves in my yard. I think they are protected but it is a very dangerous–and beautiful–time in terms of deer and elk. The leafing-out occurs quickly and branches are heavy and droop. Lower branches and leaves (anything within reach) will be devoured.

It is almost like flowering, it is that pretty. Things change daily. It is a fun time to keep a careful watch.

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