Michigan at Iowa 11/5/11

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Many are big, but this is a big game.  Iowa is average, middle-of-the-road, especially for the Big 10.  It is on the road but so what–half the conference games are away.  It is absolutely, entirely winnable.  This is not an issue of how far along a rebuilding or transition period is how how good Michigan will be when all the pieces are in place.  If this team is good this year, and if this is going be a seriously-good season, they will win this game.

Iowa is 5-3 and has played a poor schedule.  They are 69th in the BCS in rushing defense and 91st in pass efficiency defense.  They are a little better, but not much, in offensive rankings.  They play predictable defensive and offensive (boring) systems.  They have losses to Iowa State, Penn State, and, the powerful Minnesota Gophers.  It shouldn’t matter if they are mad because they lost to Minny.  They are average.

Michigan has a powerful offense, improving/better-than-average defense, and they are 7-1.

Good teams should beat average teams.  Prediction:  Michigan 35  Iowa 10.


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