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I need an insurance company and agent that provides the following:

  • the ability to change automobiles daily (this one is liability insured, this one isn’t) daily if necessary.
  • accessibility to provide details of the options and fees for such changes.
  • an annual review of my auto and homeowner’s insurance (policy options and fees) and, especially if an independent agent, a competitive review.
  • office hours, phone, and email access; the phone number is listed on my policy and carried in my car:  someone has to answer the phone.
  • the ability to do as much as possible regarding my policies online or through 800# access (I do not know why I am denied these).
  • an agent who, as needed is available to receive payments, provide reminders, or such “added value” services.

For some reason I have been denied these even after some 10 years as a Safeco customer.  My current agent, Chris Long (#054388) has been unable to fill the void.  He is virtually unavailable by phone; most of the services listed above are unavailable.  Email service can be prompt but it is cryptic and insufficient.  In my last two specific requests for service 1) called to say needed to change vehicles and review (policies renewing in about 3 weeks); no reply at all.  2) I emailed (I have learned he is basically unavailable by phone; doesn’t answer, doesn’t return calls) only to receive no detail on the options available or the costs; 10 days later I received a bill in the mail from Safeco.

In addition, Safeco has refused to provide sufficient agent service over the years; soon after I chose that company my agent changed positions with her small company and I have been in virtual limbo ever since.  Attached are numerous emails providing details of my problems.

I have not heard from my agent after alerting him of these problems over 3 months ago.  I emailed his firm and have not received a reply.  I have been reluctant to submit this complaint hoping the situation would resolve itself.  I paid the premium due 5/2/18 (about $300) to confirm that I am not trying to avoid payment.  I have not paid apparent changes to my polices or additional bills received since because of the issues.  I have also since protested that payment to “put it on hold” with my credit card company as method of displaying my dissatisfaction.

Now I am totally stuck:  I have two cars and cannot insure them properly or to my needs.  Also, my homeowner’s policy has renewed (also 5/2/18 I believe) and I have not been afforded any opportunity for changes or updates.

I use this blog as a word processor, a place to keep notes, and for things that are going on.
After years with these agents and Safeco I finally decided to take some action.  Once an agent had me sign a form and mail it to her to become my agent, then she totally ignored it.  Here is the reply from Chris Long, insurance agent:
I am willing to pay you for whatever bill you feel was sent in error in return for you withdrawing the complaint. I am no longer willing to be your agent however.


These things are pretty easily done online these days.  Create an account at DORA (Division of Regulatory Affairs in Colorado), convert emails to PDFs and upload them, then wait.  Isn’t that bribery, or an illegal kickback?  Not a whole lot of concern for the customer, to be sure.