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1.  Thanks to the Michigan basketball plane crash I am less intimidated by the FAA.  It is a meticulous industry and while there may not be rules–maybe more like guidelines–there are definitely processes.  DIA.  Airplane noise.  Shameful subject.

2.  Lots of “restricted caller” messages from police.  Not a today way to communicate.

3.  The two stories I continue to look for.

Tad Cummins

I have lived in small towns and I think they are not for me.  Columbia, TN, pop. 35,500 is not that small but it seems to get small fast around it.  You can see the areas and specific houses easily.  Maybe rural or backward are appropriate or mean:  $85,000 1,000 square foot house in rural Tennessee (or Indiana).

The home where the mother was arrested looks nice and also secluded.  The attractive and apparently outgoing and curious 15-year old had never been in a school before, assuming “home schooled” means her entire life.  There were nine other children half of whom are now adults.  Can someone home schooled possibly keep up as a high school freshman?

The forensics/health teacher had earned a two-year degree and was/is considered educated, reliable, and rational.  So far, in raising children who now have children (one was in his classroom at the time of the incident), he has been an above-average if not accomplished member of the community.

I wouldn’t call it grooming.  I think he just didn’t really know and he fell.  There’s no reason to think he’s violent–what, he’s going to shoot and kill for this young girl?

Anyway, the father–who looks and sounds like a bigger Paul Williams–is stressed out.  Also, he has lawyered-up.

It is an interesting way to think about family.  I’ll have a whole bunch of kids and by the time I am 40, or 35, I can be obese, and either a drunk or drug addict.  Maybe both.

Obviously he didn’t do anything wrong.  And it is the way things work–the school board looks to be headed toward court and things like this don’t help at all.  Whether or when and how much have yet to be decided, but it is a set of rules–however vague–that will almost certainly be applied.

The kiss isn’t appropriate but it may also be harmless.  Maybe some of these folks should read or watch Lolita for the first time.  There is at this point no evidence at of anything illegal.  Who says it is kidnapping if she went on her own, or if she suggested it?  Maybe if they get married they could accuse him of bigamy.

What exactly is Tad Cummins leaving behind?  Put another way, yes it is sort of a dickhead thing to do, but who cares?  Same goes for the girl.

He was fired for insubordination, not the peck on the lips kiss.

Elsewhere, Delphi Indiana Murders has grown cold.

They’re still not saying how they were killed.  The word “sex” has never been mentioned.  How often did the girls walk there and who else walks there?

Probably they knew him.  Probably there’s a cyber element–what else is there to do in that  ___ place?  Now the DA is saying probably they’ve already met and talked-to the killer.

The property owner is still in jail.

One thing these two crimes have in common is small towns and police states.  I wouldn’t like the signs, ads, or searches at all.  The motorcycle rally, now there’s a memorial softball tournament, someone is selling/giving away pizzas, are all weird too.