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It’s hard work.  It is kind of fun if you are personally involved and it can be fascinating to learn about the rules, and how they work, about our interaction.  Still, it takes a lot of time, documentation, organization, and synthesis.  I can see, at least in part, why lawyers can be expensive.

  1. Understand how FedEx and/or a sleazeball company works.  According to Sgt. Gartner (big title, CSP), companies like this always deny it (not my experience and I’ll hopefully discuss that RE marketing and satisfaction).  These huge (in terms of locations, equipment, and employees) companies defer such matters to local centers.  The lives of the employees there (typically) revolve around inanimate packages and trucks.  They can only see as far as their own noses and that means paperwork, claims, employee discipline or hiring/firing, insurance, etc.  Deny, deny, deny.
  2. The laws and their enforcement are complicated.  Lawyers (district attorneys) are needed to prosecute cases.  Much leeway is given, de facto, to local law enforcement employees–everyone from phone answerers to executives.  Do they always make proper decisions?  Do things happen as they could or should, for whatever the reason?

Originally posted 4/7/11

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