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And we’re back.  RE the police-caused danger and disturbance, these are just a few notes.  There is a ton to do here.

  1.  It is animal cruelty.  Slowly–investigation and perhaps charges–but it is underway.  Suspect:  Jeff Shrader.  (Last year’s incident:  Ted Mink.)
  2.  To say the shooter is not cooperating may be a bit much.  They are not making things easy.
  3.  Look for an Ethics Watch post.
  4.  Ground Report is helpful but there are better sites.  The write-up there is lousy–way too cryptic and unless one knows an awful lot about wildlife law and the corruption here you just cannot follow it.  A better job is required.  (It seems Ground Report stopped allowing comments; I wanted some really unaided feedback.)
  5.  Yes, a deputy may use force and may act for a Parks & Wildlife professional (if necessary); no, they cannot act inappropriately, have psychological problems, or commit animal cruelty.  Policy, procedures, and administrative support must perform; supervisors and management are held responsible.  “I didn’t know” is a child’s response.  Intelligence and common sense requires acting appropriately in a residential neighborhood.
  6.  The interest and kind words of support from one commissioner are fantastic.  The notes on what is happening internally are very disturbing; I believe they are incriminating to the point of proof of 1) terrible management and 2) illegality.  But it was double-fantastic to see the lack of transparency disappear for a day.  It is hard not to abuse that trust.
  7.  I’ll have to dig up the pictures and narrative of the deer that gave birth in my yard (twice) and then went across the street to die (maybe two years ago).  Hours, Parks and Wildlife, and much attention…  It happens fairly regularly.  The people who know know; the sheriff doesn’t.  Doesn’t what?  (The woman I spoke with operated some kind of animal sanctuary.  “You can chase them but you will never catch them,” she said.  She was right.)
  8.  Maybe I need to watch Jurassic Park again.  Have you ever been attacked by an elk?   Pterodactyl.  They kind of bob their head and come at you; they move around and go in different directions; long legs and long neck.  Very unpredictable.  You absolutely don’t want to test their strength.  In my experience females can be worse.
  9.  Called them Saturday morning:  local law enforcement refused to help, open a case, or do anything RE animal cruelty cases.  Again.  Easiest way to cover it up:  refuse to investigate.
  10.  Never tell anyone you bought gold; don’t tell anyone in the sheriff’s department you are going to run for sheriff or commissioner either.  Ted Mink/Jeff Shrader, you need to be a little less obvious with this.  The Justice Department does not like that.
  11.  What exactly is a citizen’s arrest?
  12. Epiphany:  maybe he parked way up the street so there would be no dashcam.
  13. Here’s an idea.  Why not take the calf elk to a veterinarian or some kind of sanctuary?  The rocky mountain elk around here are their favorite.
  14. “Was the animal examined by an animal health expert?”  “No.”
  15. “This is not a ranch.  It is not 1900.”
  16. It is a management concept.  Keep them at different levels, everyone doing their job.  Even competing, or squabbling back and forth.  (e.g., sworn animal control)
  17. Don’t mention qualified immunity.
  18. FINAL.  Crime statistics.  This particular problem starts with patrols.  They absolutely won’t do it.  They won’t react-to crimes even when they are there (lots and lots of sealed, parked cars; longer story there).

It starts with each and every crime report.  If it does not happen the whole system breaks down.  There are no crime statistics.

Yes, I think that is the best solution.  That is what I hope/think will happen.

The deputy should be fired.  No shootings near my front yard.

Jeff Shrader should be arrested for animal cruelty.  He caused it to happen.  He is getting off easy with a misdemeanor.

Other things should still happen regarding inappropriate firearm use.  I cannot address that right now.

They are getting off easy.  This is a wake-up call.  Shrader, or a replacement, needs to revamp the organization.  But look at their backgrounds, experience, and the whole county; the commissioners have the authority to do something if they want to.  I think that is the only way it can happen.

Reminder:  I called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department early last Saturday and asked them to investigate animal cruelty.  They refused to even open a case (“Courtney”).