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It doesn’t help that the Trump administration is rapidly stripping away as many regulations as it can, promising to repeal two for every new one implemented — an ultra-wealthy administration’s attempt to formalize the plutocratic free-for-all that has followed decades of growing corporate power, defined by massive income inequality, regulatory capture, a revolving door between agencies and the industries they oversee, and steadily eroding consumer rights.

That has to be a run-on sentence.

I don’t know, I’m surprised.  But that is the whole point of the experiment.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s a glimpse into Google Analytics.  This is just after a very few mailings and a brand new website, a pretest if you will.

day 1

Pretty soon we’ll be doing this there, but:

What does the FBI have to do with it?, you asked? If you read the one email to the commissioners it is a fair question. I called the commissioners (two of the three I know) and they referred me to this Bryan Johnson guy, head of the Jeffco airport and noise; he called and we talked. I said, this whole thing of relying on complaints and expecting residents to research and complain is not representative; there are no data. I explained that my title at the fbi was survey statistician (in the director’s office)–fbi crime statistics are a survey of police departments. That is my field and I am knowledgeable in it. I further said the only way to know the severity is to follow the path and, literally, knock on doors. The traffic and planes has to be explained.

He took that to the people at DIA who he is friends with. When I talked to them they said “we know you used to work for the FBI and…” and I never mentioned it. The implication is he is in cahoots with the airport–not the taxpayers–to support noise.

I don’t get it, do you think I am the only one?  That is the point of that.

Nuisance?  Small claims and sell house?  I don’t want to live under this noise or government that allows it.  That is another matter and it only takes one.