Harassment by Ted Mink

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Harassment by Ted Mink (see note after list).

  1. Neighbor chimney light (almost midnight, banging on door).
  2. Right of way in front of house (threat).
  3. Oct. ’12 report, no call/visit request.
  4. Refrigerator, no call/visit request.
  5. Call, woman sergeant, “Get a life.”
  6. Taborsky 7/4/12
  7. Two deputies and ride along for legally posted letter
  8. Deputy for letter hand delivered
  9. Call on anonymous report 1
  10. cal on anonymous report 2
  11. Deputy for parking lot tampering online report, no call/visit request.
  12. Summons – didn’t read/don’t know law  (“color of law”)

Ted Mink is, by law, responsible for all all deputy behavior.  The stunning pattern over eight years strongly indicates a department-wide directive, policy, or way of operating.  All of these incidents are separate and unique (i.e., they do not relate to the same crime report or reason for police involvement).

Overall they show 1) an ignorance or “coloring” of the law and 2) a willingness to threaten, harass, and disturb citizens for acting legally and/or performing their legal duty.