Gimme, gimme, gimme

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Before we get to more serious things, this takes center stage.

He, messenger blows a tuning note. He starts singing to Jack.

Messenger: You made me love you. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do it.

The messenger kneels in front of Jack.

Messenger: Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

Mr. Furley arrives at the apartment.

Messenger: What I cry for. You know you got the kind of kisses that I’d die for. You know you made me love you-ou!
Jack: Mr. Furley, listen…
Mr. Furley: I don’t want to hear it. What two consenting adults sing to each other is their business, but for heaven sakes, please close the door!
Jack: I’ll give her the message.
Messenger: Didn’t you forget something?

The messenger extends his hand. Jack high five’s it.

Messenger: Oh, I forgot, there’s a “P.S.”.

The messenger blows a tuning note. Raspberry. Messenger walks out the door.

Janet: Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme what I cry for…that will teach you to listen to other people’s mail.
Jack: I didn’t know what to do. I felt like such a fool!

Doorbell rings. Cindy comes out of the kitchen.

This is really good screenwriting, not to mention the rest that goes in to it. It is nice to know you can find anything on the internet; it is also reassuring you cannot find a video with comments for everything.

What can I say? It is my favorite show and I still watch it often. Although, I never actually sit there and watch it, I could tell you what they will say and that is why I still get a kick out of watching the videos. I think it is brilliant. It works in the background over and over. It is designed not to be paid attention-to.

The Love Boat works the same way. There are stories there if you pay the slightest amount of attention. The multi plots rolled into one work for those who either are or aren’t doing something else while watching… Someday I will provide the definitive blog post for which Three’s Company characters also sailed to the studio and onto the Love Boat. There is a lot of spillover.

I have learned to really enjoy the Janet character, and her rolling on the sofa singing “Gimme, gimme, gimme” did it for me. Cindy too had her moments, and despite declaring them the worst years of her life, Priscilla Barnes was great also.

There were plenty of jokes about groping, harassment by bosses, and potentially aggressive and unwanted behavior by all involved. Suzanne Summers proved that the women could be replaced… It was easy to realize that almost no scene or storyline worked without the memorable Jack Tripper. I always thought the governor of California at the time should have awarded John Ritter and the producers an award because the promotion was worth millions. Anyway, there was an element of supporting cast for the women.

What if Jeffrey Tambor had died before the allegations and reparations were enforced, would his memory be different? Same for someone like Garrison Keillor.

It just, it was a very funny time and it still is a great show. And the casting couch in Hollywood has never been a secret.

The IMDB database with links to Three’s Company of course has its limits. For today I found a new one in Summer Rental. Sure I have seen it before and the hilarious John Candy had way too short a life.

OMG, the next door neighbor with the enhancements was in more than one episode of Three’s. So was the woman who at one point was Jacks’s fiancee, Denise Green who plays Mrs. Vacation Family.

“Those are fun for the whole family.” Only Candy and the pretty actress could do it. Now they’re singing The Love Boat theme!

I didn’t write it, I only typed it.

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