Gender Roles #1064

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Men are not supposed to say this.  Men are not humiliated.  (Susan.)

RIP Pat Conroy.  The Prince of Tides was a once in a lifetime…  He didn’t do anything else you say.  Beach Music took his fans and shredded them as a (Sophies’s Choice) ripoff.  Lords of Discipline and the like were good coming of age novels by a much better than average writer.  He must have been wealthy because they were all successful films too.

But there was more, at least in my limited knowledge.  Conrack, or The Water is Wide, was seminal.  It will never happen again in the United States.  Before that, who the hell ever heard of Beaufort High?

Marketing boredom.

These are three separate topics.  Look!  It is the exact same format as the Ted Mink story.

RE the above link…  I am reminded of the scene from Friends where Rachel’s sister Reese Witherspoon comes to visit.  She and Ross have a bit of a fling.  “And you,” she said.  “I throw myself at you.  How gay are you?”

“You take care Jill” he says.