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A little history helps.  You have to read between the lines but the information is very real.  He is the source of the video and snapshot of Raniere.

He is also the protagonist of this and that.  It is interesting that someone could be in a position to be a publicist and a dealmaker for a failed real estate venture.  He is quite skilled and experienced at something.  His blogs are extremely well done; “MLM” even, you could say, in that he is awfully good at recruiting content.

But of course, he chose to work with these people.

“Can we get indictments on these people?”  That is a bizarre world to live in.  That is pretty much confirmation that they’re all so far in it anyone could be guilty and anything can happen.  And as we’ve seen very recently, e.g., the NCAA basketball sting and scores of search warrants at Michigan State University, anything will happen when the FBI starts confiscating computers and eavesdropping on phone calls.  It could be underage porn, failure to pay taxes, or that old catch-all, wire fraud.  It has been said a million times:  their goal is to get the top person and to shut it down.  They’re going to pressure the underlings until they crack, and then they’re going to send them to jail because they are guilty too.

It sounds to me like Parlato is going to lose.  So far his responses have been retarded.  Wait!  I think he already lost to the Bronfmans, RE the fee (was there a contract?).  This one?  I don’t know how it fits in, except to say that is (financial) fraud.

I don’t know.  I wouldn’t be very happy either, sitting around waiting to go to jail and writing about Keith Raniere.

Here’s the email I wrote to Frank Parlarto (no reply).


You’re going to be rich and famous! I’m sure your site will get tons of hits given the events. I noticed you write like I too: too quickly and cryptically for some people to really enjoy. But as far as I can tell your site is a cache of accurate information and I’m curious why the NYT panned you. I’ve read several times your case is pending for about ten years and, I’m sorry, I forget your direct involvement.

BUT, could you please tell me, what were/are Kristin Keefe’s “three main areas of criminal liability.” I’m really curious how that will line up with what is or will happen. I read her email on your site which referenced her previous email. To me it seems likely all the raids and publicity will produce more.

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