For Edie, Disk 1

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  1. New Order, Bizarre Love Triangle
  2. Allman Brothers, Sweet Melissa
  3. Allman Brothers, Blue Sky
  4. America, California Revisited
  5. Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
  6. Bob Seger, Hollywood Nights
  7. Bob Seger, Roll Me Away
  8. Bodeans, Closer to Free
  9. Boston, More Than a Feeling
  10. Coldplay, Speed of Sound
  11. Counting Crows, Rain King
  12. Crowded House, Recurring Dream
  13. Doobie Brothers, South City Midnight Lady
  14. Elton John, Grey Seal
  15. Fleetwood Mac, Bleed to Love Her
  16. Fleetwood Mac, Go Your Own Way
  17. Gin Blossoms, Follow You Down
  18. Gin Blossoms, Found Out About You
  19. Grateful Dead, Uncle John’s Band
  20. Joe Walsh, In the City
  21. John Mellencamp, Minutes to Memories
  22. Moody Blues, I Know You’re Out There Somewhere
  23. New Radicals, Someday We’ll Know
  24. New Radicals, You Get What You Give
  25. Pete Yorn, Strange Condition
  26. Pretenders, Night in My Veins
  27. Pretenders, Only Human on the Inside
  28. Psychodelic Furs, The Ghost in You
  29. R.E.M., South Central Rain
  30. Rasberries, Go All the Way
  31. Rick Springfield, Jessie’s Girl
  32. Rush, Limelight
  33. The Church, Under the Milky Way
  34. The Judybats, Our Story
  35. The La’s, There She Goes
  36. The Who, Athena
The Ocean Blue