Filthy Rich

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Lesson: don’t read Roger Ebert reviews (since he died).

I think it just came out. I mean within the last few days. I was able to download it and…

I watched in the background without paying attention. The beginning episode flew by. By the second one, I knew it was something deeper and better. I found myself rewinding the third one a lot. But I was done for one day anyway.

On Day 2 I paid more attention to episodes 3 and 4. Again I found myself making sure I followed episode 3. The final episode went by pretty fast. It is over and he is dead.

But I am very glad the victims found a form of closure.

It is good because skilled documentary producers have a way of making you see things you didn’t or couldn’t see on your own. It is pretty remarkable really, because the whole thing is only maybe two hours, about feature film length.

It is great that the Vanity Fair woman started it because, she started it. Julie K. Brown did not appear, because she did not need to.

The rest of the characters are excellent. Dershowitz (legal and ethical are the same thing to him) and the Prince look like buffoons; Maxwell and others are just as guilty as Epstein. Acosta resigned. Judge Berman (no relation to D.A. Berman) set a new tone for victims. Epstein is dead (I already covered that). Some people did honorable work, e.g., Palm Beach police. Journalists in particular–Ms. Brown and others–virtually brought him down when others could not.

Everyone who is still alive only has to live with themself.

“I’m not Jane Doe, I am Courtney Wild.”

Good stuff.

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