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They say criminals want to be caught.  No.  It is more like they cannot connect the dots.  They cannot see the bigger picture.  It is too much a part of them.  It is bound to come out.

I don’t know what fake news is because nobody has to believe anything.  This is real, but is a summary so concise there has to be more to it.  It flows so logically, and it is so well-written, that you have to believe it.

There are different perspectives and individuals, some right, some wrong, and all human.  But do you really want it to come to that?  Filed forever:  four hours supervised custody every two weeks.

There’s another document and a different database that I will read too.  It is the heretofore losing perspective.

I wanted to check the dates.  January, 2014.  My time began in 2015 at the time another unmentioned life-changing event occurred.

Ten stitches and the abuse I have never been able to figure out, but she had full custody in the beginning because of it.  Then there’s the incident concisely summarized and “men’s rights” took over.  Over the course custody went from half to one third to this.  To me it seemed like there were plenty of opportunities for a be-there, compromising, loving parent that may not have been taken.

Bribes.  Conspiracies.  MLB in South Dakota.  Brainwashing.  The Bozeman Symphony.  And there was more scorn than I’d ever heard:  “I built that house,” $2,000 a month, prenuptial, and having to buy into the business.

Want to get caught?  No, just history repeating itself.  Remember Holly Howard Wolf?  It is a perch and a lifestyle that is hard to “divorce” yourself from.

There are two things I heard over and over:  1) It is because I left him and 2) I only have a two-year degree.  How those play in, or what they mean, I don’t know.  Pardon me, there are three things.  He is rich and powerful.  That one you can see a little bit.


There is a disingenuousness about it.  It was not even close (the appeal).  It was almost as if, R.W.W., I did my best and I just wanted to prove it.  Or, “I pitch to him!” as if it is a great hardship.  I would also use the word depression and I think it is very sad.

I don’t like the word “toxic” at all.  “Alienation” isn’t a word I would throw around either.  I’m tempted to say that is a pretty good way to describe her and our relationship.  But that’s not my place to say or judge; if I didn’t like her I was free to leave.  I once knew someone really well who had ADD and I didn’t understand and I felt rotten.  I feel a little like that.

Alienation hence blogging.

Trina has been living a nightmare since January 24, 2014, when Appellee Walter E. Wolf first attempted to take RWW away from her completely on the ersatz grounds of parental alienation.1 At the heart of this dispute is whether Appellant Trina J. Wolf (“Trina”) is entitled to have any parenting time at all with her 12-year old boy, RWW. Trina has never been adjudicated to be an unfit parent, found to have abused RWW, or anything else. Trina is entitled to parent her son, and because of the District Court’s errors, Trina is entitled to a reversal of the district court’s decision as set forth herein.

I can’t get over this one paragraph.  It is all I can see.  The first part, “Moving on” is several pages back on this blog.

“The top 3 psychologists in the state work for me,” she said.  Then she said it again.  Then there was the appellate firm in Richmond, VA.  I think there was another law firm and someone who agreed to stay on for free because he had loused-up so badly.  She has talked to so many people about this it isn’t even funny.  Now look what it has com to, Uda emailing me at midnight.  It wasn’t even close.

Here’s another paragraph from a different document:

Following Judge Brown’s ruling denying Appellee’s emergency ex parte motion to take RWW from Appellant’s care immediately, and without stating the reason therefore, Judge Brown recused himself as did every other sitting district court judge in Gallatin County. As a result, the case was assigned to the Hon. District court Judge Brenda Gilbert, sitting district court judge in Park County. The “show cause” hearing on Walt’s emergency ex parte motion was ultimately held on March 3, 2014. The Court denied the motion to stay discovery and ultimately appointed an investigator suggested by Walt, Dr. Christopher Hahn.

Kathleen Cullen (JD MS LCPC), now Rock, now Mielnick  (in the course of a few years)…

OMG.  Do a little research on “parental alienation.”  Then add in the word “narcissist.”  I’m not a fan of the labels or judgments, and the experts include every ex-wife or husband out there.  Fake news?

Waiting for the game and…

Criminals.  I think some do want to get caught.  Maybe they’re more comfortable in jail.  Or, maybe they somehow they know there’s lower to go yet and they can’t get better until they reach that point.

Anthropology is a great way to look at it, although the more common perception is probably an intervention.  It is likened to an initiation ritual, first we have to break you down before we can build you up.  A quick web search identified the words separation, transition, and reincorporation.  I don’t know why the last one is bold.

Up above we’re talking about the 10 stitches and all the history leading up.  Now we’re talking about what is real and is happening now.  No, I don’t want get too involved.  “Suicide” seemed overblown but it gets attention, but even “abusive parent”–in the eyes of anyone–is worth paying attention too.

Probably I will send a few emails.  It scares me quite a bit–if she tries it with me there’s no telling its affect on a young boy.  It is just very easy, and the right thing to do.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…  I couldn’t quite put together all the fluff on Harvey Weinstein, especially the crying part.  Fat, ugly, and sex predator is easy, “bully” now I understand a whole lot better, but the crying and begging part I couldn’t comprehend.  Now I understand that too, the entire bullying cycle.  All for nothing.

Bullying and manipulative, that is something new.  I always knew she is extremely controlling and stress-provoking–will you call me? used to drive me crazy–but bullying and manipulative is new.  I’m a big boy and can take care of myself, but doing it to a child, your child?

I’ve never known a convicted child abuser.  Maybe I don’t want to read anymore because the highest state court summary is enough.  It is awfully dark and the verdict is clear enough.  Taking a child to a police station and paraphrasing here, encouraging him to…  I know her world, and I often characterize the crimes I familiar with as the white collar versions; I haven’t been in a police station in so long (or ever) that I really can’t formulate in my head what one looks like.  She wasn’t charged or sentenced but she is convicted nonetheless.

Was it a set-up, was it manipulation right from the very start?  Looking back, all the way back to the OKCupid messages, you can see it if you look, plus the it-never-was-anyway affection.  It even included the now famous bedroom robe scene.

Trina, why don’t you send the messages to your attorney?  Oh, I see, you destroyed them.

I think the climax was “If you don’t do it I will worry about it.”


It was the damnest thing ever.  I said this is stressful; she said let’s have dinner in Denver next week.




I really don’t want to write about out dates but that is the best way to explain.  It was unique.  FILL IN.





I do use literary references and crummy Seinfeld ones too.  It has been a long time since I have seen (or read) The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie but it is well worth it for those who haven’t.  I think the line from the young girl is “I put a stop to you.”

It is better than preaching.  Of course it goes on, but it takes a lot to get caught.

The Prince of Tides is another really, really, really good one, I thought as I decided to contact the “care team.”  With his sister debilitated he said he would act as her subconscious because he knew her that well.  He volunteered for the right reasons and because she could not speak for herself.  She certainly couldn’t say it, but maybe she didn’t even know the truth.  Or maybe a different, new perspective would help.

Remove the first person and even the second go to an entirely third person, and I’m the “he.”  Call me the third husband who was smart enough to get out.  That’s what I learned from the whole thing–What’s there, what is on my website that is so offensive, or untrue?  I’m quoting Frasier Crane for godsakes?  I never received an answer, not in person, not on the phone, and not in email.  For the reader there are hints and if you know what you are looking for you can see a pattern or a history.

Getting back to the Prince of Tides reference, you can’t even talk to her about it because you will always get ‘It is somebody else’s fault.’

Criminals get caught and she knows why.  It isn’t what you wrote, it is what you will write in five years when I divorce you.

(Oh, wait, she is still alive, and she might could, as they say in the South, turn the corner.)