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INSERT image here of Tom Cruise (ew!) in Days of Thunder (Robert Towne, yeah!) saying “You gotta be good at your job/something.”

The sports blog has turned more and more into a repetitive look into management and championships. You might call it In Search of Excellence. Suppose, just for the fun of it, someone were to ask you…

What are you an expert at?

marketing research
survey research
deer and elk damage
the basics of psychology and anthropology
customer satisfaction

You can see the list is based a lot on education and work experience.

Imagine if I were a father, or mother, or housekeeper or wife.  Would I have the confidence to include “raising kids?”

Suppose it was worded as things you are very good at:

German cars ‘60’s to about 2000
sports/column writing
certain (e.g., alternative, folk) music genres
“novels to movies” (just kind of comparing them)
cooking (i.e., making pizza or brownies)
business consulting
creative writing

These include things I am good at for various reasons including experience, passion, and enjoyment.  Basketball, running, and tennis are wannabes.

Then there are things that I am just “at.”  These are things that I just do.  I am not really good at them.  I am functional, sort of like a dull job.

  • law
  • websites and computer programming

Finally, there are things I am bad at:

  • housecleaning