Events of the Day–Mink et. al.

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  • – Taborsky (I refuse to call these people by their rank/title; that is an attempt at dominance/intimidation).  I said “There is a strong tendency to blame the reporter rather than the perpetrator.”  HE AGREED.
  • – The only way Taborsky would have known about my lower light–unless it was a ridiculous report from Closs or Fisher–was if he had been at my home.  That would make three huge SUVs.  As it was, three people… four counting Junkala.  What a waste.
  • – Why did it take them so long to arrive?  If I report a crime why don’t they arrive when it is occurring?
  • – The word I used with Scott Storey’s office is “atrocious.”
  • – It all boils down to Ted Mink.  He is the reason for the problems.
  • – What is with this woman clerk of the small claims court?  If she is not there why doesn’t someone else answer the phone?
  • – I have always said people are responsible, not organizations, budgets, etc.  Yes, Ted Mink is obviously a terrible public servant and leader, but no one else seems to care.  These are not “get it done” people.  If you don’t agree with the boss don’t work there!

So what am I going to say when someone from “internal affairs” (what a joke!) finally calls me back?

IDEA  Maybe I will tell them my personnel reviews and complaints are posted on several websites.

PROBABLY I will say something like ‘My primary objective is to remedy the law enforcement problems in my neighborhood.  Hence, my mediation request with Ted Mink.  This has not occurred based on my communications with these individuals.  Will it?  Will someone who is conscientious, prepared, experienced, knowledgeable, and results-oriented attend to these issues?”

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