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First of all, this is an ethics complaint and not a legal pleading. I learned in business school that an ethics violation is What if it shows up on the front page of a newspaper? How will it hurt our business and, by association, those responsible?

This differs from the traditional legal interpretation of an ethics complaint, I understand. But I also studied law, most memorably in the justice department main library, given that I worked across the street at FBI headquarters. Therefore, I will begin by recounting the incidents relating to Ms. Schafer and her co-conspirators at the Moore Law Group.

I realize that Moore Law Group is not just a debt collection firm, they are a debt collection law firm that specializes in this. It is expected that they will be unwanted and disliked, as well as aggressive and competent in their niche. Nonetheless, as attorneys, they must answer to the law and their ethics. Is it as simple as choosing a better grade of client? In this case Bank of America has committed offenses ranging from theft, to harassment, to lying to law enforcement. This complaint is only about ethics exposure for Ms. Schafer.

Finally, to end this preface, that is why it is being filed now, prior to court or legal rebuke to her efforts. This is an ethics complaint: Ms. Schafer should not have done what she did.

EDIT/Update: Bank of America dropped all three lawsuits against me when I responded to the court.

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