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EDIT:  Sinema won.  The backlash is more potent than thought and it continues.



This is the only race I am familiar with.  Sinema is interesting but a flake.  The Air Force veteran is boring, but in the bigger picture probably better.

Except–I don’t know details–her implicit ties to the GOP leader.

This is the most exciting day besides Ohio State at Michigan.

Like interest rate hikes, it may be gradual because he has power.  And he has made some tough and respectable stands, e.g., no one wants to see China do things that in the U.S. are crimes.  And it will be the right thing for all.  Checks and balances are needed.

Trump and president are not a good fit.  A lot of people say he is an embarrassment and they are going to speak.

It is a referendum on Trump.

Wasn’t there a movie with a bee-bitten Mathew Broderick called Election Day?

Now that it is over, I say “baby steps.”  Thankfully there is a check on more ridiculousness and embarrassment.  But there is going to be little progress toward anything with the veto power.

I used to think that was an appropriate, even good way to govern, what with a Democratic House and Republican Senate.  But that is with a reasonable President and less contentious Congress.  (All caps?)

They are respected institutions.  But I do not respect Trump.

Yesterday the first lady was on 20/20 or some-such.  I do not respect her either.  Anyone married to Trump is not an independent woman.  I listened to her.  She did not sound like a woman with purpose.

First, the personal side.  Trump is worse than a brash New Yorker; he is very wealthy, supremely powerful brash New Yorker.  I had CNBC on in the background and had to switch channels at 11:30 when he came on.  I kept trying to turn back but it was still going two hours later.  I knew he was going to be boastful but he was ultra-disgusting egomaniacal.

Which leads us into reality.  A lot of people do not like Trump.  He knows that yet he manages to stay in power.  However Briebart or whoever cares to define it, that base is real.  It is part of America.  For the past several years it has been big and powerful enough to provide support.

It is not going to wane until it is out of power.

The economy is strong, not because of Trump but he helped prolong or intensify it.  All that means is that it will probably swing back in the other direction harder and faster than it might have.  He is dangerous person there too, in the longer term.

Immigration?  That is going to hurt the economy too because, despite robots, labor still counts.  Diversity and basic humanitarianism?  I don’t know–I never thought “immigration” was an issue.  I am not familiar enough with the laws.  I think the laws should be enforced because laws without enforcement is a farce.

Health care is supposedly the biggest issue per research.  The reality is rich people do not have to worry as much about health care.  Trump favors the rich…

The “safer” candidate won in Arizona.  Ted Cruz beat Beto in Texas.

Oh, perhaps the one, biggest, great thing that came from the elections is more women.  It is about time.

Baby steps.