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I’ll be surprised if…


If you’d like some information on the issues I raised my main blog is and some other websites are listed on the home page (  Another blog ( is in the process of being moved and some of that content can be found by clicking “Operation Clean-Up” in the categories section of the main blog.  All of these are mostly just my own notes on what is going on.

I’m in a hurry too and can’t really tell the entire, years-long story here.  Why do I do it?  I dislike corruption.  And I feel these “services” are the biggest impediments to my enjoyment of my home, neighborhood, and local surroundings.  As you probably know, there are a lot of people around here who feel ‘we like it the way it is.’  I suspect it would be a lively debate for your readers.

Example:  In my neighborhood some third-to-half of the homes have zoning violations.  The corruption in the sheriff’s department is unspeakable–recent events have led me to learn that it is far worse than I thought.  Are you familiar with the Ted Mink ACLU case?  It was fairly-successfully hidden.  My last e-mail to Ted Mink included something like ‘please don’t send deputies to my home to harass/attempt to intimidate me.  That has happened at least four times in the past, once after midnight.’

I can also cite some pretty serious issues with respect to the Division of Parks and Wildlife (formerly DOW) as that is a hobby and business pursuit.

It is really, really bad.  And it is NOT a budget issue.  My “inquiries” go all the way to the governor and FBI.  Oh, and a local representative…

Please respect the fact that this is not a “letter to the editor” in terms of publication and most of the content on my websites isn’t really fit to be published without permission.  But, I strongly hope it will give you some very serious ideas.

Please give me a call if you’d like to discuss things.  And I hope you’ll be forthright with me–does your publication want to make a difference?  If we can communicate maybe I will put together something fit for publication…


Failed to mention…  Are you familiar with the noxious weed problem here?  The CRS has specific requirements for their eradication; county officals refuse.  This is documented.

This–the environment–and wild animal abuse (specific Division of Parks and Wildlife issues) are issues that resonate with many people.

If/when the time is right I will write a publishable editorial to your organization.


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