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Is it too strong a metaphor or too strong a lesson?  If you try and work with people who may seem like they want to save the animals, will you end up being killed by them?  Here are two great links in support of saving aspen:



They are sponsored by:



In my experience and in my opinion, these are not organizations that want to preserve the environment.  They work through a very narrow opening geared specifically toward hunting the animals.  They are trying to preserve something that is arguably in the past, something that is fading away in our society–humankind has found other ways to feed ourselves, recreate ourselves, and preserve our environment.  Put another way, ithunters in America are a niche market–including participants on a very irregular basis they number some 15 million.

And about these organizations, what is their involvement in areas where almost all of us live and work?  These are the places where there are neighborhoods, shopping centers, and if we are fortunate, parks and open space.  These are the places where hunting is not feasible and the overwhelming majority of residents and visitors do not support it.  Thesee organizations, do they seek to protect the environment and the foliage and the ecosystem here?  No, they do not, because their goal, hunting, cannot be acheived there. 

In my mind, they are hypocritical, two-faced, disengenuous, and not compliant with the larger, majority needs of society.  So why would people who truly want to save the aspen side with them?  The only reason I can think of is desperation.

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