Dave Brandon: Embarrassment

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Posted on DetroitNews.com Saturday9/3 regarding the Western Michigan-Michigan football game:

I am not usually one to comment on things or participate in forums, but this is a complete embarrassment. I hope the News does follow-up reporting.

This is the e-mail I sent this evening to the athletic department titled “Customer Satisfaction:”

I am an alumnus. I am also disgusted by Dave Brandon’s behavior regarding the football game weather situation. Of course safety is THE priority but there is a real problem here. If you want 110,000 paying customers you need to serve and support them better (e.g., shelter). And if you don’t provide the product/service IN FULL and as anticipated, refunds or other accommodations must be provided.

Nothing I have read in post-game comments indicate ANY concern for customers.

If I had attended, and if I had paid $70 only to be herded around like cattle for some four hours, only to view an incomplete game, I would be irate.

Again, I did attend U-M, I am a customer, and I expect a reply.


The comments in this article are disturbing. The VIP boxes were not evacuated, i.e., if you pay enough… And the game could have been continued?

Another link.  Gross.  Yet another.  Perhaps I’ll write more about this another time–Domino’s is more about selling franchises than customers.

Here is the video of Brandon after the partial game:  I am absolutely stunned that he makes no mention of the intolerable treatment of the spectators.  Time and time again he acknowledges that that the weather conditions were known and predictable, yet he let it happen…  He comes off looking like an incompetent fool and an embarrassment to his position.

Link to stadium policies:  An absolutely known rainstorm and umbrellas are banned, even during periods with no game being played.

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