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(EDIT:  This was hidden for over a year.)

I “met” this woman online.  You’ve heard of it, but it is still a very small, the western city she is from.  Her profile, sans image, is unusually brief.  The site says we have a lot in common.

She wrote several times.  I recently had another odd experience (the nomad woman) and was leery.  She knew—again the second time—a lot about trees and deer and elk.

It is a small town, which explains her reclusiveness.

She had been married to a guy who had a brief go in history.  He has money and various business ventures and together they left a legacy in the state supreme court.  All of this is no big deal.

There was a previous marriage with children.  And, afterward, there was another failed marriage with children.

Now, deception.

Ninety percent says stay away.  I made the request.  Still, there is suspense.

(This?  I don’t know.  For Sale (el lobo yacht, bozeman, mt) Greenhills Ranch (lonely much?  It has to be a getaway.  I don’t know if I would want to live there.)

How fast they…


Day 2

She is not going to write back (I think) so I am going to go ahead and write and reveal.  After all, that was my only push of her, to reveal.  I still won’t name names.  And I’ll try to avoid repeating what she wrote to me, although some of those hints may have led elsewhere.

I was wrong about some assumptions so the second day helped.

the ranchThis picture helped too.  The property, like Kamloops, isn’t exactly…  It is barren land.  Ranching seems to be about making something out of land that is otherwise unwanted.  3000 Miles To…  I now see an example if not the actual thing.  And the site allows for easy scrolling.  If you scroll out, that is elk country.

I’m getting sidetracked.  It is great.  I mean, I’d like to have it.  It is also undeniably ostentatious, particularly because there is more than one.

Still, there are many questions, the kind that are never really answered, because there is an aura of sleeziness.  Maybe that is harsh and the right words are litigious, wealthy, I don’t know.  The self promotion and failure seems to have hit the fan.  This property, usually pictured as this, is all over the web; the Greenhills Ranch Road subdivision seems up in the air too.  Somewhere it says the house was built in 2006.

Lest I forget…  family privacy concerns.  ALSO, Have you seen the movie Girl Missing?

OMG!  Walter Wolf cologne!  I think I actually remember the cigarettes.

As near as I can figure this woman was married to the wealthy black-and-gold marketed man from around 1995/6 to 2001/2.  Are the children he refers to as inheriting the ranch the woman’s who wrote me three times and then split?

I’ll have to read this more carefully.  It is kind of unappealing.  The guy, but her too?  It is weird.  Does it mention the U.S.?  The period between about 1981 and 2003 is not mentioned.  Bozeman, Montana is not mentioned.  Two other ex-wives and a current girlfriend are mentioned.  It is definitely not objective journalism (e.g., no pictures).

I wonder if there are financial concerns, such as losing the $72K.  I would like to write her side of it.

(“Swiss-based multimillionaire tax exile.”)