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Yesterday it happened again.  It started around noon and went until almost 7 PM.  I called the EPRD around one, spoke with Cindy, and nothing happened.  She did not send anyone out or call the sheriff’s department.  At 2:40 I called Adam Gamache; again, no reply or action.

This is the same group that did the same thing weekly all last Summer.  Is it cronyism?

The infractions and questions include:

  1. Why are they allowed to drive on the field?
  2. Why are they allowed to decorate the field?
  3. Do they have a permit, and have they paid a fee for exclusive use of the field?
  4. If they have a permit, why are there no notice of this (e.g., signs, listing on EPRD functions/calendar)?
  5. Assuming they do not have a permit, why are they allowed to erect tents, nets, and other items?
  6. Why are they allowed to have dogs–yesterday five!–on a field where no dogs are allowed?
  7. Why are the dogs allowed to run free over the entire park (i.e., no leashes)?
  8. Why, when called twice yesterday did EPRD staff do nothing to investigate and correct the situation?
  9. Why are these individuals allowed to park illegally?
  10. Why don’t these people use park trails, walking instead on fragile boundary property?
  11. Why are they allowed fires, barbeques, and cooking on EPRD (public) park land?

This morning I sent the above to Mark Footer, EPRD board president and Adam Gamache; there has been no reply (I don’t count Scott Robson because of this and this).

My personal theory is that it is an inside job.  This group only does their volleyball and field usurp thing when EPRD athletics are not occurring.  They have an inside contact; they know.  And, on occasion they have unlocked a gate.  Do they pay?  My guess is no.  Over the years this would amount to thousands of dollars.  Also, this would suggest that they would follow the rules.

The EPRD board allows it, or at least they think they can.  It is the same thing as allowing defacing, religious messages, dogs on fields where they are outlawed, dogs off leashes, and not picking up after pets.  They allow it because they are afraid to say no.

This is the epitome of corruption:  doing what you want in the face of ethics, laws, safety, and the greater public good.  And oh, BTW, this is the organization that runs youth sports in our community.


The order is
Rapidly fadin’
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin‘.

Coming Soon, Part 2:  The Police Response