Corruption is hard to Pinpoint and hard to Fight

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The results of the last week, Whew! My best summary is that it is a combination of corruption and incompetence.

People, not offices or organizations, are responsible.

Ted Mink is wasting money and he is, at least partially, responsible for the stagnation of an entire region. He is responsible for the personnel, budget, and all day-to-day operations.

He is a patrol deputy and it is way over his head.

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But the thing is you cannot impune an entire organization, and that is his defense.  There are people who want to do the right thing.  There are others who don’t really care and just want a paycheck.  There are some who want to get ahead, others who don’t have a clue anyway you slice it, and yet others who are in it for every single wrong reason you can think of.

But by law the sheriff is responsible for everything.  By law he also has qualified immunity.  This is the classic example of customer satisfaction vs. not giving a shit.  It then has to become an example of character:  what does this individual stand for, the right thing or cover-ups, justice or flagrancy, competence or stupidity?

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