Corruption in Colorado: Noxious Weeds

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There is absolutely no reason I should tolerate illegal, poisonous plants on my property.  Jefferson County, Colorado employees are responsible for them being there.

One person, Alicia Doran, Weed and Pest Management Specialist, Jefferson County, Colorado, has to be the fall-person but there are almost certainly others involved.  The board of county commissioners is the only body that can make regulations and they seem to be leading the corruption.  Ralph Schell, county administrator or “COO,” and Ms. Doran’s boss, is a figure in the conspiracy as well.

Ms. Doran is the henchperson, the facilitator, and the person in the field that makes it happen.

Jefferson County has not adopted and published a weed management plan.  A brief look around the internet shows detailed, proactive plans instituted in all other counties.  Just a few examples are Weld, Boulder, Garfield, Grand, and Douglas counties.  Other locations typically provide information, inspections, and eradication upon request; as an example, the Boulder County plan is 42 pages long and contains details including its purpose, individual responsibilities, public and private property requirements, and detailed listings of class A, B, and C noxious weeds.  Jefferson County does not provide these services or a published plan.

Employees at the Colorado Department of Agriculture (e.g., Patty York and Steve Ryder) have told me that they have repeatedly asked for a Jefferson County noxious weed management plan and these requests been denied.


For the City and County of Denver a stated goal is to “Respond promptly and effectively in managing weedy species in order to reduce costs and time. This will allow more dollars to be spent for other purposes.”

“By law realtors are required to disclose if a property has a noxious weed infestation” (source/disclosure form).


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