Chapter 1 – 2012

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Like that man narrating his life building a cabin in Alaska (it was a voiceover), I need to learn how to do this. There are 25 more years to go.

If I position my desk just right I am at peace and can write. Although it disappears for the most part in Summer with the big cottonwood, I can still see the park through a small hole. It is hard to distinguish between the ravens or crows, kids running toward the tot lot, or dogs at large. If it is the latter, I will keep at least a mental note or image.

If I walk away I have to keep my head down. I cannot look out the window.

The majority who are younger than me know it as the world–a history in terms of email, dated images, my computer files and blogs, and an internet of corroboration. It is all there year by year. That is my story. That is my case.

My goal is to complete and retire at 65, which is perilously close. Yesterday for a short while I looked-up the history of John Phillips and the Momas and the Papas. It didn’t take long as the story has been whittled down to not much more than a few paragraphs on Wikipedia. Why do people, e.g., Phillips, daughter Mackenzie, and recently Mathew Perry, write memoirs? Most hire writers and at a minimum a chronology of the news would be a start.

Then it occurred to me, why do writers write books?

I am going to start answering the phone again too.