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There are many, but this is one of my favorite videos. I like to look at people’s houses and this is a very good view.

I have had time to put my thoughts together. Here they are.

ONE. It has a lot to do with Mormons and the LDS church. The Grand Poobah, or whatever he calls himself these days, should take (partial) responsibility. Much of the family, and now the neighbors, have been making statements throughout and we got a good glimpse. It is enculturation (more commonly known as brainwashing).

Utah, Idaho, Arizona… I will not be moving to Rexburg.

More. HD.

TWO. As has been said by others, it is about fatal attraction and two losers. This hinges on the LDS church as well. Lori Vallow has gone through and/or killed four (now five) husbands and cannot sustain herself or children. As for Daybell, killing your wife and burying kids in your backyard is no way to go through life. To think… Six months ago they were celebrating in Hawaii. A gravedigger; crummy novels and podcasts is not an occupation either.

THREE. There is a strong element of narcissism here but even that is overshadowed by the church culture. It is like being addicted to Facebook. You are tracked either way.

FOUR. Last but not least (except for the next one), these are extremely serious crimes: murdering children and spouses; insurance and social security fraud; fleeing and lying to law enforcement. They murdered children and buried them in the backyard, all the while smirking and lying about it.

FIVE. As noted, they are removed from the real world. They are also dumb.

Here is another good video (AZFamily), but I don’t like using the images of the murdered kids (so it is no longer here). The pictures say a lot, especially if you go back knowing what we know now. And these are the same news correspondents who have been working on the case from the beginning.

I won’t watch or read anything “deseret” since I learned what the word means. Anyone who thinks Joseph Smith or Brigham Young were prophets, well, I just do not have much in common with them.

Most of the reporters are probably LDS too–Nate Eaton and others.

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