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Tasks for Today:

  1. Scan outrageous letter
  2. write to PCU (respond to letter by e-mail)
  3. update personnel complaint
  4. prepare letter to fax to legal and bogus customer service office


I opened this complaint over a month ago and have not heard back.

In the meantime, I have received a disconnection letter (posted here:  pcpfeiffer.com/clletter.htm).  It is threatening and anonymous.  I will send a reply–hopefully by tomorrow–indicating of course I have no problem whatsoever complying with the internet user agreement.  But I also expect CenturyLink to abide by it, specifically, this service requires a properly working home phone.  Mine was not.  After over three years now it has been fixed.  It is a world of difference.

In other words, high-speed internet service is AS IS provided a properly working “physical” phone line is installed.

I called the repair team after the fix to inform them of the huge difference.  I was asked by Justin Mueller to send him an e-mail documenting it.  I did that and that spurred the above-referenced letter.  I made absolutely no complaints about DSL service.  Also, this would seem to be related to squashed efforts to disconnect my home phone.

(I have been told by CenturyLink employees repeatedly that my DSL service/speed/reliability is substandard.  I specifically told the repair crew that this deviation is unimportant; the MAIN/only thing is that my phone works.)

Who sent the letter?  I suspect it was David Schmidt, the subject of this complaint.  He appears to have a strong personal vendetta against me.

Also, information provided by CenturyLink to the PUC is not accurate.  Please see my corrections there.

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