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Yesterday while I was on the phone–an important call–my home phone and internet went out.  There was no communication whatsoever from CenturyLink.

  1. First I had to find the contractor supervisor and argue with him (Saul Farias, Advanced Underground).  He said “It’s gonna be a while.”  No CenturyLink employees were on site.  He said “You can call repair.”
  2. I drove across the highway where a CenturyLink truck was located.  Rich Woodward was obstinate (“It’s not my fault, I’m working with dead wires”)  and not helpful.  I stood on the side of the highway for some twenty minutes while he was inside the truck.  I asked to speak with the CenturyLink person responsible/in charge of the site and he refused.  He said a repair person would come to my home, seemingly, immediately.
  3. I drove home and checked again; still out.
  4. I drove back to the work site with a bill/CenturyLink contact numbers.  The contractor supervisor let me use his cellular phone and I called.  After some fifteen minutes of voice response menus and seemingly nothing, I was disconnected.
  5. I saw a CenturyLink truck in my neighborhood (Russ Wittig) and followed him; he was going to/at a park parking lot.  He called again for repair and gave me his card and the name of his supervisor.  I gave him the supervisor’s cell phone to return it.
  6. I drove across the highway to the only known pay phone in the area.  I called repair:  after some fifteen minutes of voice response systems and speaking with a representative I was disconnected again (seemingly a payphone time limit).  I called back–a third time–and asked to speak with Mike McDonald, the local repair supervisor whose name I was given by Russ Wittig and was connected with his voice mail.  I asked to speak with him, not be put into his voice mail; this meant the end of the call.  I explained the outage; told him all I knew:  a cable was cut and “it will be a while;” I asked for compensation for my driving, time, and extreme frustration.  I asked why there was no one with CenturyLink onsite.
  7. Because my internet service did not work I had to drive to Denver (Lakewood) to deposit a check (normally I can do it electronically).
  8. Later that day





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