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Have you ever had a credit card with autopay when a payment did not happen the way you wanted it to? If so, you may have been told “1 or 2 statement cycles” or a similar excuse.

Then there is Michael Avenatti. He was convicted of attempted extortion and wire fraud. This is exactly the same thing and the fraud is more blatant.

Remember, the decisions or “investigations” are always in favor of the company. With Bank of America it is profit-raising scam, pure and simple. It is the kind of thing that should be on American Greed.

For all of us who have experienced this problem with Bank of America — other credit card companies do not do it — this is proof of how they do it. Basically, if you request that an unapproved transaction be reversed it is denied. If you as a customer go through the cumbersome process of mailing in the request, you will receive a written denial without regard to details or facts. It is an effort to boost revenue through bogus late fees and interest. Applicable documents or user agreements (credit card and online banking agreements) require that unauthorized transactions be corrected and interest (or $50) be credited; these too are avoided.

The key is all requests are denied. Frontline customer service representatives are taught this way and middle manager correspondence employees back it up. Particularly if you are in a credit pinch, you have to pay or else.

BoA Letter #1.

This is how the fraud and extortion started.

Much earlier I paid this credit card completely and I had no intention to use it again. It had had a balance transfer on it and I paid it completely with an ad hoc payment. The card had been set to pay the minimum amount due (it was being used for a promotional rate on a balance transfer).

On August 8, 2019 Bank of America inexplicably took $4368 out of my checking account. They are still trying to blame it on me.

The letter they sent me is the beginning of the fraud. I did not do it, they did, and when they would not reverse it immediately or with interest (as required), I reversed it with my bank.

You can see that they tried to blame it on the customer right from the start. You can see my efforts to correct it here in the “smoking gun phone records.” The Bank of America very-fast written reaction is all lies and threats. It is a complete fabrication designed to a) force me to correct their error and b) threaten me. The highlights represent either a lie or threat.

I expected a massive apology and immediate correction with interest. The accusations are stunning. This is how the fraud starts: aggressive blame. There is no name or even return address.

I replied to them that I paid the card off in full and have not used it since. This was the second letter I had sent to BoA in El Paso (no reply whatsoever to the first), plus I had an in-person meeting in Highlands Ranch to try and correct the problems before the theft.

What happens if you call Bank of America on their lies? They make up different stories.

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