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Hi Benji,

My third attempt–I’ve never had success with blogspot logins.  Anyway, so sorry to see you go.  Darn, I wish it wasn’t so final–maybe let others handle the day-to-day and maybe on occasion you’ll have a change of heart?

I began following these sorts of things under the (failed) RR optimism.  I’ve always liked your positive, enthusiastic approach.  And no doubt you’ve become knowledgeable and a real expert; that has been fun to watch.

Yes I suppose there is a ridiculous side to following recruiting so closely.  As a reader and not a participant I’d say this is fun to watch.  Personally the Diamond thing was an eye-opener:  these kids who string it along and pretty blatantly want something.  I mean, you’d think a few visits should tell you about the place, coaches, team, etc.  Successful coaches kissing the rears of POTENTIAL 17 year-old players is pretty absurd.  But again, as entertainment…

Thanks for all of it, and I hope you’re not gone for good!

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