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This was uncharacteristic in that it shows honorable motives.  The axe is sharp and runs deep.

Notice the word holdings with a “s”.  He is a wealthy man and his three websites alone have turned into nice properties (unlike the failed Buffalo aquarium), not to mention Key West real estate at least until the next hurricane.  He is a hard worker, although as many of the commenters point out to some of the wild “stories” no one else will even acknowledge they’ve read, the writing is awful.  Sometimes he…,  well he is the publisher.  I bet it totals up to a lot more than a year of effort.  He brags about the web hits; a musician he is not.  Every day there is something–today it was a stomach-turning, visual smorgasbord of prison food.  Yes, there is definitely an axe to grind.  He doesn’t like Keith Raniere.

He looks like an exhumed Nazi.  That wasn’t nice.  He does not look healthy or particularly happy.  He still has his own case looming and from a quick review it is mostly about tax evasion–forming companies and moving money around to avoid it–and his defense looks iffy too.  In the meantime he is hellbent on showing everyone else is a liar.  Is that a defense?  No.  There was a superseding indictment so they’re still after him.

His journalism is addicting.  Now he is on Youtube.  He has long been a source to the British tabloids.  He is quoted on Wiki and I think even in some DOJ documents.  I believe the media empire is basically Frank (aka, Mr. Report) and the one woman who acts as editor in chief.  I guess I don’t know because I use adblockers, but I don’t see any ads.  I don’t know exactly how he is profiting from his fame.

Proofreading is foreign.  Long  instances of failed imagery are common.  Sentences?  Who needs them.  Maybe it helps that the feds are looking over his shoulder, because the information is accurate.  It may not be described the way you would expect, but it is correct.

He has a bit of a network–people willing to photograph anything in the Clifton Park, NY area and others who will write about it, send emails, or comment on the site.  But you can see, in the video, that he does a lot of it himself with a laptop and cellphone.

  • The Lawyers for EDNY, in their counterpoints to the request for bail, tear apart the case law cited and make Keith’s lawyers look like a team of third stringers who graduated at the bottom of their law school class. Seriously, were they even trying?. But hey, they don’t care because its all billable to Clare.

    I can forgive the snafu on Allison Mack’s rented condo.

As for the condo, the owner is probably still responsible if there is a lot of kidnapping and raping going on there.  I don’t remember if it was this one or another similar post on FrankReport.  And it wasn’t even about the gov’t’s rebuttal, it was the bail request in the first place.  Not that they submitted it because most people should not have to sit in jail without being convicted, but that it was so stupid:  Who is going to pay for it?  Such a request is not the place to beef about the morality police.  The part about the expired visa, who cares; one year anniversary, ditto.  Family man?  Barf.  Trying to contact the wrong U.S. attorney because you know you are going to be arrested means nothing.  The whole thing–again, one has to try–is a joke.  It is reminiscent of the Warren Jeffs’ approach, i.e., ranting with no defense at all.

The posts that day and the comments were almost a celebration.  Raniere, you are toast.  He has been caught plus he is exposed as lying and covering-up about it and, regardless what he says now, fleeing to escape.

The scientologists tried to do it on a boat.

The prosecutor’s response says something to the effect of ‘a lot of this is so far in left field we’re not even going to respond to it.’  So, beyond the happiness that NXIVM and its leader is past history, there was a general euphoria.  It is weird to see people cheering for the Eastern District of New York.  Look how dumb and corrupt the lawyers are too; in terms of documents, I could have written a better essay.  Money can only buy so much.  It was feel-good, enrichment, self-empowerment:  I, as a blogger, commenter, or “correspondent” can do just as well.  I too can tell right from wrong and I can do something about it.

Mr. Report, even with impure motives and a huge desire to clear himself, set the example.

Time may tell that there are happy campers in the group, Raniere/the document reads.  True, perhaps, but there are very angry ones too and they are witnesses.  Irrelevant.  You are not going to win.  You probably will be denied bail.  The texts, just the few we have seen so far, show eager women anxious to understand and follow.  Add in underage, Mexican, fearful, ignorant, and you can fill in just about every adjective similar to “follower” you like.  It is not a fair fight, Rainere, and you are down and going deeper.  The only real suspense for him is when.  When will he give up?  How many texts and witnesses will be enough?

Who else, how and why?  We have been told repeatedly there is more to come.  It is harder than with legitimate companies and leaders.  In those organizations failed individuals may have a legitimate defense and there is a very good chance they will come clean; there are successors and for the good of employees, customers, investors, etc. the business or the enterprise must go on.  So far from NXIVM the denials have been lies.  Other participants, such as Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, or Allison Mack before she was arrested, have not come forward to lead the company or the defense.  How can they because the focus is on what else?  Get out in front of the scandal just isn’t a viable strategy.

A&E “Cults” is out too.  It is mostly old news but the actors (Ms. Edmondson et. al) are always getting better at telling their stories.  Mark Vicente confessed to making the videos.  Now, he said, he looks back at them and there is nothing there.  Take away the hype and there is nothing there.  Raniere himself looks like a bad character actor.  His voice is not soothing or inspirational in any way.  His torso looks…  misshapen.

He/they say he was in Mexico because of all the pressure and people taking his picture.  That would be Frank Parlato.  He is pretty savvy.  He came up with the arrest picture in Mexico AND the video of the chasing women.  I believe the tabloids pay for such things.

“Tremendous pressure to recruit others,” Frank Art Parlato Voice says.  That of course is what made it different and for a while successful:  pyramid marketing, and there could only be one person at the top of it, the great Vanguard.


OK, multi-level marketing.  But there is almost nothing more effective than one-on-one sales.  They are lost, lonely, or mixed-up people, but the motivation was money.

Clare Bronfman is probably going down because of the money trail.  Nancy Salzman too, because it is awfully hard to explain $500K in cash.

Salzman and Raniere had a bond  and that was certainly at the heart of both the promise of self-empowerment and whatever members were seeking.  That bond was based on neurolinguistics and hypnosis; Salzman is a therapist/coo and Raniere is a scam artist.  Neurolinguistics is “the branch of linguistics dealing with the relationship between language and the structure and functioning of the brain.”  Interesting…  Linguistics is a subdiscipline of anthropology.  Not to argue.  Obviously such a study is legitimate and the brain controls everything.  Hypnosis is, to cut and paste, “Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion …”  The dots are not mine.

Ms. Salzman is not a licensed therapist and her secrets, and exactly why she is a successful counselor, are not clear.  She is an in-demand and well-paid private therapist.  One has to assume that the rest of the time she and her daughters have been Ranierie’s gophers, but she has an ability to make people feel at ease if not (somewhat) healed.  Among the many tidbits that ArtVoice and FrankReport have spewed-out, people, e.g., the Bronfman sisters, pay big money for Salzman’s time.

The bond that Salzman and Raniere shared was manipulating people.  For Nancy Salzman it was closer to therapy, for Raniere it was clearcut crime.  It actually is a good idea.  There is a huge market for self-help.  Wealthy Mexicans appearing to learn from wise Americans appears to be a fertile niche.  Why not tie it in with a lifetime of studying and carrying-out cons?

Swiped from Frank it is a bizarre look into the business.  Salzman does not look particularly fit or perfect, as she usually does.  The woman in the center is one of Raniere’s longest-tenured groupies.  On the far right is the Harvard-educated son of the former Mexican president.  Salzman is on the left.  Next to her is Mark Vicente, the video producer.  Third from the right is Clare Bronfman.

Most people do not go around worshiping other people, calling them by pompous, childish titles, or submitting to wearing items that distinguish them by group or class.  The same thing applies to nondisclosure, lawsuits if you leave, 24/7 communications, and other peculiarities that are legal but easily stretched into illegal.  It is not a business.  It certainly is not science or education.  This is where it becomes a cult.

Even Warren Jeffs cracked in prison and admitted he is a complete fraud.  Raniere should do the same.  Now.

Maybe it is time to revisit Reddit (apparently Raniere and his cronies did).  It has links to the academicians who first studied NXIVM materials when they were released about ten years ago and they declared it to be bunk and dangerous.  The professors or psychologists were sued by NXIVM and Raniere.  The link relates a little of the history of the lawsuits–Vanity Fair and others–and once again points out that they have all been unsuccessful.  Once Raniere tried a second time; I learned what dismissed with prejudice means.  A recent comment on ArtVoice mentions the statutes that now go further and outlaws such lawsuits (SLAPP laws); the post again brings up Barbara Bouchey, who was sued 14 times and had to declare bankruptcy.

Why isn’t Frank happier?  I’m getting tired of reading it.  NXIVM is shut down and it is just vindictive.  Save your own skin some other way, please.  Or, just say this is fun, this blogging, networking, and making new friends.  Friends without NXIVM.

He is just lashing into Clare Bronfman nonstop.  U.S. attorneys have said repeatedly more is to come.  For now Bronfman looks horrible because of the lawsuits and propping-up of NXIVM and Raniere does not come out without money and she is the one providing it.  It is not OK to invest in a business and person such as this.  Apparently, she is likely to be indicted.  She too should just come clean.  Salzman also because after you are sentenced to prison it is too late.

Remember, Keith, your legacy will be who have you hurt.

This story is reminiscent of when Catherine Oxenberg called to tell me her daughter had been branded. I published it and it became worldwide news and led to the arrest of Keith Raniere.

John Tighe frequently targeted many innocent people who were only trying to better themselves and called them names and harassed them on his site and in real life. I won’t herald him as a hero in that respect but I do acknowledge the preservence. And knowing the computer expertise going on at nxivm, they certainly had the capability to do what is speculated.

This and that.  I went back to it because I could swear the firsthand comment used to say the blog (Saratoga in Decline) was vulgar, crude, disgusting, and things like that.  Oh well, he was not a sanitation worker he was a backhoe driver.  The author is an ex-con who went to prison for defrauding a school district.

One of the problems is it is really hard to piece together unless you are a “correspondent.”  There is no detailed history.  There is no up to date documentary.  Parlato knows.  He has been around since the Niagara Reporter and it is his biggest scoop.  There are all kinds of other contributors and things on his sites but this the biggest story and only (or mostly) only he holds the keys.  He continues to churn out everything he can, but he hasn’t told it as a history, at least in a way I can follow.  Maybe I’ll go back to November of last year on ArtVoice and try to piece together the chronology.  I know the NY Times story spurred the DOJ and the (first) arrests occurred rather quickly afterward.

No doubt Parlato has been a source, but to what affect?

My personal take on Jeffrey Peterson is he is scummy.  A look into Justin Billingsley ( partner) suggests he is a lifetime con artist similar to most of the stars of American Greed.  Peterson may wish to start by giving the $9M back and, in the meantime, he appears to have crossed a lot of people including the wrong ones south of the border.  In terms of NXIVM, Raniere, and especially those in Mexican leadership roles, it is a stunning provocative story/blog post.

This is something I had been looking for.  It could be argued that it is not a ponzi scheme it the people duped are receiving something of value (the courses).  However, that is where the professional, scientific, psychologists come in:  the courses are bunk.  Was O’hara an attorney?  He didn’t mention sex trafficking, wire fraud, or other offenses.  My personal experience is that state, local, and probably federal attorneys general do not respond much to citizen complaints.  (But of course these people all were out to indict each other and they acted a bit above most citizens.)  Where are the police?

P.S.  I am going to Scott Johnson you into submission.  I wonder if that will ever catch on.  The Comment Forum isn’t much, but I broke down and contributed my two cents to their reverence for Quepasa.

One of the worthwhile characteristics of these criminals is the legal trail.  There is much to be learned.  Most of the key documents are public.  They go on for years and the trail, the motives, and the people behind them become clear.  This one is dated 12/30/16 and has been going on at least 15 years.  It is another reminder that most of this was exposed ten years ago.

In the Microsoft-AT&T case Raniere was on the stand and he came off looking ridiculous because he had not done his homework at all.  He could not even prove he owned the patent.  His lawyers must have known that too.  It wound-up being dismissed with prejudice and as far as I know Raniere still has not paid the $200K or so he was ordered to pay for the defendant’s defense.

Of the two academic-like critiques of NXIVM that led to this aggressive and personal attack, Martin’s is better.    He performs a thorough, point by point analysis of how Raniere and NXVIM resemble known attributes of illegal and dangerous groups.  Hochman, the other author, basically just says they expend a lot of effort to seclude themselves and monopolize the peons.  Both of the contributors wonder out loud and attach the characteristic to a cult:  Why the secrecy?

The characteristic of a pyramid scheme that makes it illegal is that participants are not paying for a product.  They are paying for the right to recruit others.

the above is the text of Raniere in court against Ross in 2003; the link way above is 12/30/16


The 12-Point Mission Statement (link)

1.  Success is an interior state of clear and honest awareness of who I am, my value in the world and my responsibility for the reactions I have to all things.

2.  There are no ultimate victims; Therefore, I will not choose to be a victim.

3.  I am committed to my success. I understand that we must all elevate ourselves – and thus elevate all others – just as everyone else elevates us. This is interdependence.

4.  The success obtained by my own means is successfully gained. True success can not be stolen, copied or obtained by chance. I will not appear to be successful by these means or by any other. I will earn my own success.

5.  Tribute is a form of payment and honor. It is to give honor to those who merit honor. I will use the tribute to praise others beyond my petty dislikes and dislikes. As a result, I will define my being and my true contribution to humanity.

6.  Successful people do not steal and have no desire or need to steal. I will not steal anything. I will always earn what I need and want. Copying without permission or tribute is not a compliment, it is a robbery. The robbery is to take or receive anything without having earned it; it is always at the expense, however small, of others.

7.  Inner honesty and integrity are the highest human values‚ and the foundation of human psychology. All other values emerge from them. I will never change my inner integrity or honesty for any other value. Never worth it.

8.  The methods and information I learn in ESP are for my personal use only. I will not speak of them; nor will I give to others knowledge of them outside ESP. Part of being accepted into ESP is to keep all the information confidential. If I violate this commitment, I am breaking a promise and breaching my contract, but more, I am deteriorating my internal and integrated honesty.

9.  Real success is never at the expense of others. As a successful individual, I will never envy someone else’s success. I will rejoice because I understand that the success of others elevates me, even a little, because I am also part of the human team. The updating of human potential by anyone is a tribute to the whole humanity team. If others are successful, I will protect their success against those who envy them. I promise to free myself from all habits that are based on parasitism and envy, and replace them with habits of effort and interdependence.

10.  I will accept without reservation the success I have gained. I will accept neither more nor less. This is to accept with integrity. I will give unreservedly to those who have earned it. This is to give with integrity. I will accept with integrity as easily as I give with integrity. Not to accept what I am worth, or what I have won, is to devalue myself and, therefore, to devalue all others.

11.  People control the money, wealth and resources of the world. It is essential for the survival of humanity that these things are in control of successful and ethical people. I promise to ethically control as much money, wealth and resources of the world as possible within my plan of success. I will always support the ethical control of these things.

12.  A world of successful people will undoubtedly be a better world; a world free from hunger, theft, dishonesty, envy and insecurity. People will no longer try to destroy each other, steal from each other, lower each other or rejoice at the loss of another. Success, ethics and integrity go hand in hand. I promise to share and enroll people in ESP and their mission for my own benefit and to make the world a better place to live.

Saratoga in Decline:

Third and final part of a six year old post on Saratoga in Decline.

By Anonymous;

Most individuals to me, were worse off then when they arrived NXIVM would leave these people there, in their worst places.

No hope to get out and no hand to hold to learn how to walk again in a new world. They the ESPers were not compassionate about the process, there was nothing sacred about how they can delve deep into the subconscious while people are conscious. There was no place for those that appeared lost… they would be in the periphery, do little jobs here and there to stay in the community to pay off their debt.

No care taken for the downtrodden and abused. I saw people that appeared to be broken. This was an ‘experiment’ they didn’t have a solution for this part. They came in and used what they want out of peoples willingness and hope and leave them when they are done. So sad, such heartbreak…

So disturbing…

So many reasons why not to join, why not to stay, why one would leave. I never would enroll anyone I knew unless they had an iron constitution and a purpose to go in. This is a good tool but a dangerous tool, especially when left in the hands of the fledglings that they put in charge that have not other life experience, just ego’s to boost.

I feel sad for those that are involved and taking in the truth… It does take some time to get back to your self. Words alone, it is hard to have a conversation with others of the world when you have been on the inside for a long time. People end up assuming like Keith does… it is passed down in the pattering, there is an arrogance…it’s hard…

You will see things most don’t yes. But, it made me see Why Keith wanted to make a system out of it to teach others so he didn’t feel so lonely in his personal crazy mind…..He is a master manipulator…

The rainbow school is an interesting project, but all these experiments… we aren’t animals…
The mind isn’t the only place to live. It too is just a tool…

Link to one of the original posts.

It’s over but it’s not over.  Mr. Report is still reporting.  But with Clare Bronfman openly crying he should be satisfied.

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