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Called them at 9:40 this morning.  The young (seemingly) woman was nice and said she wanted to have “someone/her boss” call me back.  This leads me to believe this is not the first complaint they have received.

I complained about the noise.  I said I wanted this to be a friendly call and did not wish to argue or be contentious.

I told her some 7-8 years ago I called the sheriff’s department and wrote the owner a letter.  I was promised a letter in return and never received one.  I mentioned the owner/Ms. Gosh chased me down the street.

The woman said:  “we are a kennel and there is going to be noise”; “Are you new here?”; “We have been here for fourteen years.”  Again, she wanted to have someone call me back.

I said:  you do not have the right to disturb me on my property; it is very loud and I can hear it in my house and on my property; if I hear it again I will call the sheriff’s department; I never received a reply to my letter (promised to law enforcement; lying to law enforcement); I do not wish for anyone to call me back; last time Ms. Gosh was extremely rude and uncooperative; if I had such a business I would do things differently, i.e., there are solutions, such as not accepting problem dogs, building soundproof facilities, transferring difficult animals elsewhere, etc.  I said something along these lines:  to me it is not smart/good business to be a neighborhood disruption and I would expect my customers to understand that (i.e., I would tell them/operate my business that way.)

Evergreen Kennel and Grooming
30596 Bryant Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439-5765
(303) 670-9792 

Update Sunday:  Called Jeffco Sheriff; may send deputy may send Animal Control; noise and potential cruelty to animals; anonymous–said ‘I do not wish for anyone to call me or stop by my house.”  noise from 8AM to 9:40.

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