Anger management

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Manny Pacquiano (age 38) is a boxer and politician who wants to be president of the Philippines.  He has a God Complex in that his entourage and indeed the whole country need him.  The stats are something like in a 12 round fight he took 200 punches to the head.  If he ever makes it to president he will not have a brain left.  That is not funny.  He will be pathetic as hell.  With what is now known there is no excuse.

The physics teacher at the University of Illinois who kidnapped and probably killed the Chinese student–international incident/FBI–is all kinds of weird.

The woman in Redding, California was abducted while jogging by two Latin women, tortured for three weeks, then dumped on the side of the road.

Dr. Bello lived in homeless shelters.  Loner only begins to describe him.

Liability society:  Fyre Bahamas festival.  Cancellation insurance?  “The cause of that was not outside of their control.”