Amanda Knox Revisited

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I suppose I am like a lot of people in that I was initially drawn to this story by the idea of an attractive young woman accused of killing her college roommate.  Certainly the prosecutors and the European press promoted the salacious–for the most part made-up–aspects of the story and a lot of us bought them.  I even looked for updates after Ms. Knox returned to the United States.  I missed it.  It is a great story.  I also hoped for some form of denouement, namely a correction of the wrongs and justice against the perpetrators.

I studied the case with fervor because of my interest in the facts, law, internet media, and international differences.  There are many idiosyncrasies  and circumstantial curiosities but eventually I reached the same conclusion that the initial original Italian appellate court did of not guilty.  My reasoning is simple:  There is not enough evidence, by American standards, to convict Ms. Knox (and Raffaele Sollecito) beyond a reasonable doubt of murder.  Admittedly the other stuff associated with the case is tantalizing if not titillating but the bottom line is there is not enough evidence.  Let me put this a slightly different way–the prosecutors failed to present enough evidence, therefore, there is not enough evidence.  In the U.S. the trial is the only chance.

Italy is different and that is of course their peoples’ choice.  But is it really what the people want?

On May 26, 2011, 11 members of the Italian parliament, led by Rocco Girlanda and all members of The People of Freedom Party founded by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, issued a document as an act of parliament addressed to Justice Minister Angelino Alfano. The document criticized the evidence that resulted in the Knox/Sollecito guilty verdicts, and the extended detention to which they were subject.  Girlanda also addressed a letter to President Giorgio Napolitano, in Girlanda’s capacity as president of the Italy-USA Foundation, in which he wrote, “These distortions, not without reason, are fueling accusations against the administration of justice in our country.”  (Source.)

My opinion is that in this case it is a waste and witchhunt.  Have you ever heard of Salem, Massachusetts?

This, “,” is the best representation of the bizarre minority opposition.  Here’s one Amanda junkie who bashes them…  When the second trial was announced this week the Kercher family “welcomed” the decision to “find out the truth of what happened that night.”  For me this brings to mind the issue of “justice.”  I remember when Osama bin Laden was hunted down and killed; Obama–a lawyer and president–announced that “justice” had been done.  I cannot dispute that the act was legitimate as an act of war and future security, but wouldn’t it be more accurate to call it “revenge?”  Who’s to define justice?  This case has been poured over by the entire world and anything new and substantive is hugely unlikely.  It is revenge–unjustified revenge–not justice.  Look, we’re all sorry your daughter and sibling was brutally killed.  How often do you need to hear that?  Please, heal, and for heaven’s sake stop the blame game.  More rantings and ravings about sex games and conspiracy theories is not factual or constructive.

But I’m still happy this refuses to die.  With the benefit of hindsight and perspectives of all those involved greater scrutiny will occur.  Ms. Knox is safe from the Italian prisons, the all-night interrogations, and the circus-atmosphere courtrooms.  We may yet see the epilogue I have been hoping for.

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