Allison Mack

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According to Mr. Report and his buddy Art Voice, the story is the story.  As in, either way, we’re going to make it.

Now, combine greed, media, and a vengeance so incredible it fills nine computers and a server, and look what you’ve got.

It is still the best story because no one has written it yet.  Sex trafficking.  Who’d of thunk it.

The things that stick out at first are money laundering and immigration offenses.  Then there are child endangerment indications leading up to rape.  In terms of business, there is pyramid marketing surrounded by secrecy and an inability or unwillingness to explain it (i.e., fraud).  Then there is the whole class of offenses included within coercion, threatening, and physical harm.

The logic behind sex trafficking is that there is a case, but again, did any of the participants have a clue?  And, in terms of shutting it down, it has extreme teeth — a minimum 15 year sentence.

Allison Mack apparently did not know.

That’s the thing that we still don’t know.  How could Keith Raniere have duped all these people?  And in terms of sex, how could he have been that good?

Probably the only way to find out is to read and read and read what the women have to say.  It is tedious.  I remember things like ‘he is a genius’ and ‘he could have done a lot of good,’ but I don’t recall much more.  I have never seen anything explaining why they would sleep with him.

Money and sex, I get that part.  But sex with him?  That’s the part I don’t get.

I wish someone would write a book or make a movie.  That is the problem with these current, real life moron in jail crime stories.  No one has written the story!