I live in Evergreen, Colorado and am semi-retired.  I enjoy writing and learning and that is what this blog is about.  It is really just my own personal notebook; most of it is public, but there are also the reader cannot see.

I have a master of marketing research degree from the University of Georgia and much of my career has been in that field.  I also have a B.A. from Michigan in psychology and anthropology and took graduate-level MBA courses at the George Washington University while working for the FBI in Washington, DC.

This site is really just a notebook.  It does not use cookies.  Some of the links here may use cookies.  I also have no idea of who, where, or how as this site does not collect, and I don’t know, any user statistics.

I finally figured out what the problem is regarding problems on a cellphone:  This site does not work on a smartphone.  I am trying to correct that.

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