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From Parks and Wildlife regulations:

“Damage” means any change in the quality or quantity of any property which reduces its value. Damage shall include all costs necessary to restore property to its condition immediately prior to damage, to replace it with property of equal value or to compensate for restoration or replacement.

From the same regulations document, dated 11/12/09:

A. Landowners or lessees who qualify for damage payments and who desire to obtain materials to prevent damage caused by big game shall make a written request to the Division for such materials on a form furnished by the Division.
B. If the landowner does not erect permanent game damage prevention materials within a reasonable time period after receipt of materials, not to exceed 270 days, to prevent the anticipated damage, or if the materials are not erected in such a manner as to reasonably prevent damage, the Division shall not be responsible for any subsequent damage caused by the failure to use such materials. When materials have been provided for temporary game damage prevention materials or electric fencing surrounding apiaries this time period shall not exceed 15 days from date of receipt of materials. Damage prevention materials may be delivered by the Division to any person if his request is the result of game damage occurring in any area where it has not normally occurred.
C. If the Division offers, in writing, to furnish fencing to a landowner and the offer is refused or he does not respond within 30 days, the Division shall not be responsible for any subsequent damage until such time as the landowner makes a written request for fencing materials at which time the provision of #1720(b) shall apply.

A. The Division will furnish materials for, or construct, permanent stackyards or orchard fencing only under terms of a written cooperative agreement which is binding on heirs, assignees, and successors in title and which is filed with the clerk and recorder in the county in which the fence is erected. The Division will provide materials within the limitations of the special purpose funds appropriated for game damage materials.
B. The Division will furnish temporary protective fencing only when the landowner, lessee, property owner or person in charge acknowledges by his signature receipt of such material.

Link to Senate Bill 09-024.  The intentions based on history are clear.

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