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Bonus update.

Lawrenceville, Georgia and Gwinnett County.  Mattew Leili and Nique.

I am getting better at predicting Dateline.  ‘Sometimes she would run away from home.  Once 1 hour.  2 hours.  Once 4 hours.’

“Why do you have 21 surveillance cameras?”

“I sell them.”

For her, two divorces and two daughters by about 30.  They met online, he from NY and she in Georgia.  That he sold pallets of junk on eBay is a euphemism for unemployed.  She was the breadwinner/life insurance holder.  She was annoying and violent but she had the date rape drug in her system!  Let me see…  It was after the Great Recession and they were in debt with two daughters–she had two more–approaching high school.  eBay doesn’t pay much, let alone benefits.

Someone had to do it.

Lest I forget, the Miami pawn shop owner (belongs in the summary below) who also knew fast boats and the drug trade killed his ex because no one is going to take the son out of state.  There is something more, and why they look there, when it comes to kids and domestic relations.

Pawn shop owners and car alarm installers may not make good second husbands.

[ This is what I was looking for.  “The coroner notes that Nique’s feet are completely clean.” ]


These stories are fascinating.  Sometimes, in order to really get closure, I look up the homes–I mean pictures of the actual house; the address; search on Google and look at a map to see where it is, the nearest city, real estate prices, etc.  It is like traveling, but it goes a million times further into the lives of people.  They are murderers whose lives are ruined but they are similar to you and me.  They are real families, high schools, neighborhoods, etc.

That is why they resonate, they are real people.  They are also great storytellers.  In the Leili case I thought he was going to go free and it was a crummy prosecution because Dateline really didn’t explain the facts.

But still, it made me want to dig deeper into the real point.  What really matters?

So I didn’t really follow the Leili case.  But the jury convicted him in 3 1/2 hours.

I’m dawdling too.  It is possible everyone made a mistake and Matthew Leili is innocent.  It is almost certain he is guilty.  A) he did it and b) he looked everyone in the eye, including his daughters, and lied.  Maybe it happened accidentally–a rough sex game or other negligent “accident”–in which case he needed to report it, perhaps risk manslaughter or some lesser crime, and thereby get a much lighter sentence.  Also, he would come to grips and admit.

The only other alternative is that he did it intentionally or it was premeditated.  Probably it was the former–they went out on a dinner and movie date that night, she was drugged and here body was dumped naked nearby.

Still beating around the bush?  What does that mean?

The murderers are both violent and con artists.  I guess there are more murders; I prefer just the con artist part and American Greed

Con artists.  They go through their life conning people.  Usually narcissism is a huge part of it.

Just one more…  Russ Faria is not a con artist, but Pamela Hupp is.  Let me see, we’ve already covered Pamela Phillips and we started with Pamela Smart a long time ago.

Aurea Vazquez Rijos

It was on the frontpage of the Washington Post.  It is not my fault!

This week’s winner is Aurea.  Only this week was she sentenced to life.

The case is similar to Nanette Johnston — Latin, considered attractive, money hungry, and ruthless.  For both a marriage to a wealthy American or Canadian was cause for the whole family to get behind fortune hunting and murder.

Like the Gary Triano case, the woman fled to Europe.

This one has a bit of a Jewish Nazi hunter angle to it.  And what is just off-the-charts diabolical, she actually sought asylum in Israel as a Jew.  But the absolute kicker is mothering a child in a Spanish jail to try and avoid extradition by having a Spanish citizen child.  She became pregnant while in prison by an inmate; they were married (allowed in prison) and thus conjugal visits?  Anyway, she was hunted down for years, finally extradited, and just now thrown in a Texas slammer for life.  She is Puerto Rican, the murder occurred in old San Juan, and Adam Anhang was Canadian.  The FBI–in Puerto Rico–solved it after the local police bungled it by arresting, charging, and convicting the wrong man.

Elsewhere, German exchange student kangaroos in Missoula.  Sorry, garage hoppers.  If you leave your garage door open and have a big refrigerator full of beer, they will take it.  Not a good idea because they also target the same houses and steal cell phones and cash.  If one is driving and another sneaks in with a flashlight, I can see how they would do it and get away with it.  Cruising around it doesn’t take a genius to tell a open door from a closed ones.

There is something somewhere in the law addressing proportionality.  Who gets to decide when something important becomes a concept?  For now, this is literature and not legal writing.

I have never been to Montana.  Some day I will get in the car and drive there.  I live in Colorado and I understand the problem of law enforcement not doing anything.

Once again, just spending time watching Dateline NBC is infectious.  But I cannot always find what I am looking for and freebies on Dailymotion are a crapshoot.  I doesn’t matter as they are all interesting.  Most of the time they are different.  And it is fun to watch the new ones, versus the old ones.  Criminals adapt to technology and things like social media.  Certainly cell phones…  Use a burner!

Last word?  $3 million for the killing.  She wanted $8 million.  It sounds like a high-level negotiation.