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What I’m Reading

Magnus at Touch the Banner does it and it is egotistic there too.  Therefore I will not make it a title.

Brianna Altice for one.  She did it more than once for self esteem reasons.  She should not have dressed that way in court and things may have been easier.  Anyway, it is against the law in Utah.

Next, Snapped on Oxygen.  It is part of their overall business which includes publishing, big-time web interests, and TV.  They pursue these things from all angles, some are good and some are not.  Like Jussie Smollett — an angle is ethnic or homophobic abuse or even “abuse” in general — they can cross some pretty delicate lines.  And that is part of who they are, the more buzzfeed the better.

Nanette Johnston (McNeal,

Kevin Ross Johnston,

John J. Packard)

This one is around (48 Hours) as well as Snapped and others too.  Snapped hasn’t been around for 25 seasons but since 2004 is still a long time.  The monotone narration is bizarre.  It is tough to watch/better than nothing but the backward videos (not upside down or backward, but something is wrong) on Dailymotion still get through.  Johnston, Billis, and the divorce and kids expert who killed the nursing home owner (Kerri Faye Brown).  There is a theme of women who snapped.

But it goes beyond that, which is a key reason the shows and stories are so provocative.  Example:  Christine Billis.

This one has an I’m-so-pathetic-I-need-your-life component.  The case went cold and she was free until OKCupid.  Once again it looks like elected/paid for nothing public officials actually did nothing.  True or not her story of abused, drug addicted, and caring mother worked.

It all started this week with the Beatrice Six and the town that has to raise taxes to pay the $28 million.

Youtube tort law.  It is fun to learn about criminal law.  You see these cases where family members ask forever and they say there isn’t a case.  Everyone knows who did it but the decision-makers can’t or won’t commit.  Are they not even trying or are they incompetent?  I can see how in criminal cases there is a higher standard and you only have one chance.  So I’ll go with torts.