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I trust Walmart for online purchases and the service is always great.

I actually said that!

Boy was I wrong!  The next time FedEx lied and delivered my package to the street and Walmart wouldn’t do anything about it.  Send another one, USPS and it’ll be here in a week.  The great chat system via which I had actually complimented them was bogus.  Boy am I mad!

I’m kidding.  (EDIT:  I’m also relatively fortunate.  They’re dopey, but delivery seems worse other places.)

I filed a report with FedEx after seeing the driver said he or she delivered it to the front door and I could see in the snow there were no tracks at all.  I am usually/always mad at FedEx but that does little good so I am only a little mad.

Actually, I am not mad at Walmart either and I continue to shop at the local store and online.  It was one of those things:  These are their policies.  They sent another one, it arrived in about a week, and now I have two.  I found the other one in the street the next day.

Anyway, I did compliment them.  It felt good and I would not have done that if I didn’t mean it.  I have done it a few times before for companies when that was based on real experiences.  FWIW, I don’t wrote comments and such online.

Even though it was a dummy, quickie chat, I suspect if felt good for the person on the other end too.  It probably helps to understand Walmart and their policies, but if you perform legit tasks the online help is really fast, easy, to the point.  I’m talking about damaged packages (I had quite a few when I bought some cleaning liquids and even powders online) and price matches.

This adds up to a nice place to work.  It is not by coincidence, the higher-ups, procedures, technology and everything else work toward that purpose.  Happy employees, not to mention happy customers, are great to have.  No one wants to get through their day arguing, complaining, and the like.

That is a good company and a profitable one.

As an example in reverse, I offer Safeco/Liberty Mutual as an example.  I could write more about them (and I have) but for now I don’t want to complain here; basically, they have an outdated system of live, crummy agents and it hurts everything.  If customers are complaining all the time it is just a bad experience all-around.

As for Walmart, I think their online selection, pricing, and fulfillment is outstanding   It is modern in terms of technology and customer service.  They stand by their own sales and those from their marketplace.  Of course anything from Walmart itself is easily returned through shipping or a store.  Especially for items you have never seen or tried, it is a great way to shop.


If I ever get around to writing more about myself in the bio here, it will mention more about my career and my love of customer satisfaction.