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It is hard to describe how TV has changed.  This is really good TV.

Everyone will have their opinions.  These are mine.

The prosecutors did an average or below average job.  Quinton Tellis is a very bad guy, based on Louisiana and other things.  The defense did an average to good job; they saved him.

I believe it is clear he had some role.  Whatever happened to the “Jessica kept saying, ‘Mama, these bitches think I’m snitching, and I’m not,’ angle?  I think Ben Chambers, he of the meth arrest and police mechanic job, is a really good guy and father.

“Hell, that ‘aint justice.”  I don’t like the DA John Champion.  I’m not real fond of the sheriff either.  Let me put it this way, it does not look like a very safe place to be.

You could even say they twisted the facts.  Or that they don’t even understand them.  They spent a lot of money and lost.  For reasons.  Luckily Tellis is in jail in Louisiana.

The journey the car keys went through is awful.  I mean, they should be embarrassed.  Just like the killer they should all come clean.

Tellis is, there is no other way around it, must be removed from society, somehow.

Excellent, excellent characters and dialogue.  Cultural anthropology TV.

I didn’t know where Panola County, Mississippi is or Monroe, Louisiana.  It is north, near Memphis.  Apparently there is not much there in terms of jobs, schools, and such.  Wow.  How would you like to have your comings and goings recorded on the M&M gas station video camera?  Oh well, there is always Taco Bell.

They are really good parents.  They sent her to bible camp to reform.

Christine Apel, good writer.